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Poolside WeddingJune is no longer the most popular month for weddings. October is now a top pick for its cooler weather and autumn aesthetics. Yet summertime nuptials can still be magical for many couples. It’s also a practical season in which to wed, considering that it’s also a popular time for traveling and a prime period for vacations from work. Even so, you’ll need to be prepared for the rising mercury that may accompany your June, July, August, or even September wedding. Help yourself and your guests stay cool with some great planning tips.

Consider an Indoor Ceremony

Global climate change promises potentially unpredictable storm patterns and climbing summertime temperatures. Even without these trends, summer is already the hottest season of the year. The National Weather Service describes the dangers of excess heat. The risks of fatigue, cramps, sunstroke, and heat exhaustion increase as the heat index rises. Even a heat index as low as 80 degrees can pose potential problems.

Scheduling your celebration indoors may help you and your attendees avoid serious health issues. The space you select should have a functioning climate control system, which means air conditioning during the summer. While you’re at it, confirm with visual inspections that your chosen site is cool and comfortable. Don’t forget to check for adequate restroom facilities. Finally, make sure that guests with mobility challenges have easy access to aisles, seating, and other spaces.

Smart Approaches to Your Dress Code

As The Essential Man explains, fabrics can make a huge difference in your warm-weather comfort levels. You probably already know that lightweight materials won’t cling to your skin and trap sweat as their heavier versions do. Breathable fabrics made from natural fibers also permit better ventilation and increased airflow. Other great features include moisture wicking, UV protection, and light reflection. On the flip side, heavy, synthetic, and dark-colored clothing is guaranteed to keep you sweltering when the temperatures climb.

It’s important to keep these details in mind when picking your attire, choosing options for your wedding party, and selecting a dress code for your wedding. Hot summer weather is the perfect excuse for more casual attire. Consider avoiding white tie, black tie, or formal attire and skewing towards semi-formal, dressy casual, or beach formal. The Knot offers a basic description for each of these categories. Keep your color palette mostly on the lighter side with pale neutrals, pastels, and bright shades.

Other Ways To Keep Cool

Timing and attire are vital aspects to consider for a summer wedding. Meanwhile, other important factors can create a comfortable environment for you and your attendees. The Knot points out heat relief is essential, so you may want to have ice buckets or coolers stocked with bottled water. Ice-cold hand towels are also a nice way to cool off.

If you must have your wedding outdoors, there are a few ways you can pull it off without risking anyone’s health or comfort. Outdoor tents can be rented, along with portable air conditioners. As a courtesy, you may want to also provide sunblock wipes and bug repellent. Starting your ceremony during the late afternoon or early evening helps you steer clear of searing-hot daytime temperatures. Martha Stewart Weddings offers even more suggestions, such as handheld fans, chilled desserts, and parasols. Keep your guests happy with foods that won’t weigh heavy on their stomachs. Lighter fare can include frozen cocktails, salad, grilled food, and fruit.

Cool for the Summer

You have many details to think about when you’re planning any nuptials, but that’s especially true with a summer wedding. Adequate shelter, climate control, hydration, and even smart food choices are essential. Comfort and safety are the most important factors, so keep them in mind when you select a date, time, and venue.


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