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Senior Couple Laughing TogetherYou may have heard people say married people are generally happier and healthier than those who are single, widowed, or divorced. Not only is this a pretty commonly held belief, but it is also backed up by studies. People who are married tend to live longer, and they may be less likely to suffer from heart disease or a stroke. To some, this makes perfect sense. To others, this may be mind-boggling information. To find out why married people tend to be healthier, we have to look at a couple of important factors and potential reasons.

Happy Relationships

This information mainly applies to those who are in happy relationships. If you are in a loveless marriage or one full of strife and threats of divorce, then you may not be reaping all of the benefits of being in a marriage. This information can also apply to those in long-term relationships. If you are in a happy and healthy relationship, then you and your partner may find you are both happier and healthier.

Social Connection

Part of the benefit comes from living together. Imagine the end of the day when you come home from a long and stressful day at work and you are looking for someone to vent to. If you live alone, then you may not be able to get your frustrations out unless you are able to get together with a friend for a drink. If you're married, however, then your spouse is there to listen to you vent, which can help relieve stress and blood pressure levels. You are able to do this for your spouse as well, which can help him or her with stress levels also.

On top of that, humans thrive on social interaction. Going on a date with your spouse can help with the social interaction you may be craving. You don't even have to leave your house to achieve this. You can order in, pick a movie to watch, and play a game together. It sounds simple, but it's a great way to connect, which can lower your stress levels.

Healthier Habits

People tend to make healthier choices when they have some accountability for their actions. What better person to answer to than the person who loves you most in this world? It may be small decisions, such as:

  • Deciding to go on a walk together in the evenings
  • Cutting out dessert or other unhealthy foods together
  • Having your spouse remind you to watch your portions

These are all decisions that are more easily made when you are making them together. These decisions will likely contribute to weight loss, lower blood pressure, and less risk of disease.

Less Risk Taking

Accountability doesn't just stop with healthy decisions. If you were someone who took a lot of risks before you were married, you probably slowed down a little bit after exchanging your vows. This may be because your spouse doesn't want you engaging in that dangerous behavior, or perhaps simply because you have decided to settle down and start living more responsibly. Whatever the case, people who are married are less likely to drive recklessly and engage in potentially dangerous activities. Substance abuse is also less common in people who are married versus people who are single.

Of course, you don't have to be married to be healthy or happy. There are plenty of single people who are perfectly content with being single and even prefer it that way. You don't need to be married to make healthy decisions or to have accountability in your life. Still, you may notice that if and when you decide to settle down and get married, these healthier habits come a bit more naturally.

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