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Beautiful Wedding LightsThere are many important decisions you need to make when putting together the plans for your wedding. The lighting, for example, can have a huge impact on how your event turns out. When you don’t take the time to consider your illumination options, you could end up with an event during which half your guests are sitting in the dark. To avoid this, it can be helpful to take a step back and look at what your options are. A little research can shed some light on all of the exciting possibilities.

Before finalizing your plans, look over this advice on how to select the right illumination for your big day. With a bit of help, you may be able to find options that allow you to truly shine.

The Basic Questions

Right away, there are a few factors that will impact how you approach the topic of lighting. Is your wedding going to be indoors or outdoors? What time of day is the event and how long does it go? How big is your venue and how many people will be there? These are all crucial questions. Outdoor events will have different lighting requirements than indoor events, and you definitely want to know how many people will be in the space if you plan on using options like candles around your venue.

An outdoor event can offer a few more challenges when it comes to finding the best possible lighting options. In order to really get a feel for what the space looks like when the sun goes down, take a trip to the venue with your partner. Walk around after dark and study how all areas of the space are lit. This will help you to see the natural brightness of the space with your own eyes. From there, you will have a better idea of what you will need to do to give the venue a boost of light for your big day.

Know the Rules

Next, you want to know what the venue will and will not allow you to do. Though you might imagine a wedding where you dance with your partner by the light of hundreds of candles, you might find out the venue has a strict policy against open flames. Want to hang twinkle lights all around the space and create a canopy of stars above the guests? Be sure to find out whether the venue can handle the number of lights you plan on plugging in.

Lighting options can run the gamut when it comes to pricing. Still, you absolutely must know what the venue will allow before you make final decisions. No matter how inexpensive the twinkle lights you selected for your event might be, it won’t matter if the venue doesn’t allow them. Speak with the venue representative and learn everything you need about your options. It also can be a good idea to see whether the venue has a lighting expert to recommend for your needs.

Professional Considerations

Working with a professional might be the best choice. When you have an expert guiding the process, you will have an easier time understanding what will and won’t work in the venue. Plus, you may learn about a ton of different options that you hadn’t ever considered. If it’s within your budget, definitely think about hiring a professional lighting expert and see where the decision can take you.

In order to truly glow on the day of your wedding, you need to have the right lighting. Be sure to consider all your options and do the legwork so that your big day is as well lit as it should be.

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