Holy Bible KJV Collectors Edition

King James Version

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Upon a closer look of the Holy Bible Collector Edition KJV , you begin to see hints of deep red which show just how meticulous the artist was.
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Holy Bible KJV Collectors Edition Details

Historically the bible was typically the only book that a family was able to afford and nearly everyone had one. They used to be very large and ornate, frequently being passed down from generation to generation but that tradition is starting to make a comeback.

This Bible could almost be considered a piece of art, with the illustrations by Gustave Doré. The bonded leather hard cover was intricately detailed with beautiful engraved design, also has easy-navigating section indents.

Surely the only thing that can trump the beauty of this bible is the text inside, which is the King James translation. This translation was and has remained the most popular translation of the bible in history.


  • Thickness - 2.75 in
  • Width - 6.5 in
  • Height - 9.5 in

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