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Bible Year

A Journey Through Scripture in 365 Days

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This daily devotional breaks down the Bible into portions of a few verses to read per week, structured to allow you to complete the book in just one year!
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Bible Year Details

The Bible can be a pretty daunting book to try and tackle cover to cover. The Bible Year is a devotional guide that breaks it down into small manageable portions by providing you with daily reading assignments to carry out in your own bible and helpful summaries of the content you've just digested. Each week begins with a brief description to put you in the right frame of mind to best digest the following day's readings. Before you know it, you'll have completed the book in just one year!

Author Magrey R. deVega is the senior pastor at Hyde Park United Methodist Church in Florida and graduated from the United Theological Seminary in Ohio. He has used his knowledge and expertise to group verses together in a compelling way with a focus not so much on what a given passage might mean, but on how it can influence your behavior and grow your faith.

This book is not only great for individuals looking to read through the entire Bible in just one year, but it's also a great teaching tool for pastors or Bible study leaders. Groups can meet once a week and discuss what they've read the past several days, and prepare themselves for the readings to come that week. It's also a great jumping-off point; ministers can write sermons based on the week's material, delving deeper into the relevant topics. Congregants can then return home with their personal copies of the Bible Year to read their daily devotionals throughout the week.

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