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New Zealand Celebrant Package

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We are proud to announce that New Zealand Celebrants are accepted with this package from the Universal Life Church.

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If you are getting ordained specifically to perform a wedding, please select the location of the area in which the marriage license will be filed. If you don't plan on performing a wedding in the near future, just select the location where you live.

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New Zealand Celebrant Package Details

If the wedding couple plans to file their marriage license in New Zealand, the minister must register in advance of the ceremony with the paperwork included in this package.

Please Note that you must be resident of New Zealand to perform weddings here.

We created this package in partnership with the New Zealand office of Internal Affairs to meet the specific legal requirements of that country.

This package contains:

  • Instructions for completing and filing the application paperwork
  • NZ Celebrant Instructions
  • Official Signed and Stamped Ordination Credential
  • Executive Portfolio Binder
  • ULC Pin
  • ULC Pen & Pad set
  • Clergy Badge


  • You must be a NZ citizen to perform weddings in NZ.
  • Please verify the spelling of your name as it will appear on your official documents.
  • Please enter your legal name only, all titles will be removed.

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