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Monk Habits for Everyday People

Benedictine Spirituality for Protestants

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Monk Habits for Everyday People attempts to provide people with guidance so that they may live a more peaceful, more monk like lifestyle.
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Monk Habits for Everyday People Details

While we all strive to live our lives to the fullest and pursue a greater sense of peace, there is perhaps no other group of people on this Earth who have found that than the Monks.

Author Dennis Okholm draws similarities, particularly from the traditions of the Benedictine order, to take a special look at the Monastic lifestyle practiced by Jesus Christ and his disciples.

Regardless of your particular beliefs, whether you are Catholic, Protestant, non-Christian, or not a believer at all, you will find helpful tips in Monk Habits to guide you toward a better lifestyle. Okholm focuses particularly on the need to focus on spiritual health, and that we should build good spiritual habits to cater to that part of ourselves.

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