Deborah L LaBarr

Deborah L LaBarr, ULC Minister

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Cash, Check, PayPal

Travel Range

35 miles

About Me:

Professional, friendly, open minded approach to spirituality - faith and spirituality are my guiding lights and make up part of the core person I am today, thanks to being raised in an environment that promoted it. I took a step back from Roman Catholicism in my 20's once I discovered the many beautiful and different religions in the world. I chose to follow a Christian path, as well as represent the deep ties to my Native American heritage and the connection to the teachings of Buddhism. Currently am studying the influences of New Age and how it can be adapted to our changing lives and needs as a society.

I am very respectful in honoring the intentions and goals of each person involved in any ceremony that is performed. Spirituality is a very personal journey, especially as it pertains to what calls to your soul. We are all connected and the more we learn to seek to understand and embrace the gifts that make us unique, the more we are able to live in gratitude, hope, and a positive state of life. This is a principal I truly believe in and one of the reasons why I chose to become a non-denominational ordained minster. We are all beautiful souls that should not be hindered by antiquated mindsets and man made laws that go against what the Creator, Source, God, etc. wants for us.

Love, joy, and harmony from my heart to yours - "D". LaBarr

Other Services Provided (please contact for additional details for each service):

Ritual of Forgiveness - a ceremony that allows the opening of the heart as the mind releases negative feelings and thoughts. - starting price $75 Ash Memorials - starting price $50 Reclaim Your Life Ceremony - a post trauma blessing celebration for anyone who has gone through a medical trauma, divorce, addiction or simply has the need to start in a new direction - starting price $75

Religious Affiliations

Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, New Age

Types of Service Offered

Marriages, Same-Sex Marriages, Renewal of Vows, Christenings, House Blessings