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Many religious institutions have traditionally banned certain demographics of people from becoming ordained as priests or ministers. For instance, the Catholic Church does not allow women to become priests. In fact, many religions have barriers that do not allow women or gay people access to the highest levels of ordination.

Churches Are Attracting Few Clergy Members

Youngest Minister of ScotlandSome churches and religious institutions are making strides to be more progressive in who they allow to be ordained. In many cases, the attempt is partially due to lack of interest among young people in religious professions such as becoming a priest or minister. Existing church officials in many institutions are getting older and older, with fewer young successors following them into the clergy. Some religious institutions believe that by offering ordination to a larger range of people including gay people and women they may be able to increase the number of ordained individuals. For instance, due to dwindling numbers of Catholic Priests, and also due to equal rights advocacy, some officials in the Catholic Church have been advocating for women priests for years.

Church of Scotland Announces Youngest Minister

This topic has recently come to the religious community's attention when the Church of Scotland's General Assembly voted last year to allow actively gay men and women to become part of the clergy. The Church of Scotland also very recently inducted its youngest minister. The Reverend Michael Mair is only 25 years old and was ordained on Friday, January 24, 2014. His goal is to lead his congregation with a focus on inspiring more people to become involved in the church, including both young and old. Mair is unusually young compared to other ministers in the Church of Scotland.

We Believe You Should Have the Ability to Become Ordained

There are some religious groups who advocate for gender and sexual equality in their institutions. Unitarian Churches allow women to preside over services, and in some places in the world, women can even become bishops. Another place to find an accepting community with equal opportunities for ordination is here at the Universal Life Church.

We honor all faiths and we believe that everyone including you should have the opportunity to become a minister. Being ordained can prove to be deeply spiritual for many people. It offers them the chance to practice their beliefs to the fullest extent, and also the ability to provide over important and profound ceremonies. Regardless of your gender or sexual identity, you can become a minister online through the Universal Life Church for free.

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