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Calligraphy PenWhen it comes to weddings, music is a popular go-to for setting a mood, creating a vibe and expressing depth of feeling. Love songs transcend cultures, generations and geographic boundaries to help couples celebrate and capture the magic of this major milestone in their lives. The lyrics to these songs are basically poems, and the spoken word, especially through poetry, can also give voice to emotions, whether it’s love for a spouse, support for a couple or another affirmation. Here are some thoughts about the ways to incorporate poems in the events surrounding your upcoming union.

Understanding Poem Types

Just as there are different types of music in a myriad of styles and genres, there are different types of poems. Many of us are familiar with poems that rhyme, dating back to our earliest encounters with nursery rhymes. While the meter of such a piece can be pleasing to the ear, free-verse poems can also be quite listenable, especially when delivered by someone with a gift for oration or literature reading. There are classic pieces from well-known poets in various formats, including sonnets, haikus, limericks and more. Such verses can be penned about many aspects of life, from love and marriage to nature.

Exchanging Vows

One way to incorporate poetry into your nuptials is by exchanging poetic vows. This is a great way to inject your own creativity and personality into the ceremony. You and your partner can write your own verses or find existing ones that capture your mutual feelings. Consider a poem that includes language that formalizes your union according to local marriage regulations. If you’re getting married by clergy or some other religious actor, check to see if poetry, especially secular, is allowed.

Reciting Verses

Another way to make poetry part of your big day is through readings, especially as part of the ceremony, the reception and other events such as a rehearsal dinner or engagement party. If you have a way with words, you may be inspired to draft your own verses to be read by yourself, your spouse-to-be or other people who are dear to you. Readings can be a great way to include others beyond a wedding party, especially if you know someone who has a great speaking voice or a gift for conveying feelings through words. This allows you to honor people who mean a lot to you and your partner.

Often parents of the couple or loved ones are expected to give toasts or speeches at various events. Poems not only provide a nice alternative to speeches, but they also take off some of the pressure of finding the right words to say beforehand or in the moment. Poetry is also a great way to mark certain rituals within the celebration, such as lighting a unity candle, exchanging rings or cutting the cake.

Printing Poems You Love

You can also include printed verses in a marriage ceremony program, a save-the-date notice, a wedding invitation or thank-you cards for gift-givers and attendees. As with spoken verses, these may be created by you and your partner, or you can use something that has already been written. Such pieces also offer a personal, creative touch that helps make the celebration more memorable.

Finding the Words

If you’re not up to penning your own pieces, the internet is a great resource for finding various verses that are fitting for various aspects of your wedding. Everything from religious texts, classic literature and modern poems can be found online. You may even like the lyrics to a particular song. Consider using excerpts from longer works, especially if there are time or length considerations.

Words are an essential part of how we communicate and express our sincerest emotions. Poems and spoken verses are great ways to celebrate tying the knot with the love of your life. Whether spoken or written, poetry adds an extra-special touch to your big day.

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