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Three Wedding BouquetsPicking out floral arrangements is one of the bigger decisions related to planning a wedding. While it might not seem as crucial as selecting a caterer, the flowers at an event tend to tie the aesthetics of the environment together. From the bouquets held by members of the wedding party to the centerpieces found on each table in the reception hall, every corner of your big day will be loaded with colorful blossoms. If you’re not sure which to pick, now can be a good time to start looking at what your choices say about your personality. 

Stick With Tradition

Like any other aspect of wedding decor, floral arrangements will be dictated by a mix of current trends and classic favorites. With options that are popular in the moment, you run the risk of having your arrangements seem dated when you look back at your wedding photos. While this might not be a big deal to you, it does matter to some. Thankfully, the solution is as simple as opting for an arrangement that has been popular for decades. Monochromatic floral arrangements tend to be best for this, as variations on white and cream are wedding staples. 

Explore Your Dramatic Side

If you want to take a completely different approach, consider looking at flowers that help you bring out your flair for the dramatic. Orchids are ideal for this purpose. Their exotic look have long made them an appealing feature in bouquets, though the appearance also makes using orchids a bold choice. From the strong purple hue to the unique shape of the petals, orchids also have a symbolic connection to concepts like luxury, luck, and effortless elegance.  If this sounds like your personality, then play around with the orchid option.

Keep Things Sweet and Simple

For couples who are more reserved and calm than dramatic, a flower that makes less of a statement is ideal. Carnations can be the perfect pick. Not only do they have a delicate and soft appearance, the pink and white hues of the petals can keep your arrangements tasteful and sweet. On a symbolic level, pink carnations are said to represent feelings of deep appreciation. White petals, on the other hand, are connected with the idea of love in its purest form. More importantly, however, both pink and white carnations are quite affordable. 

While a great pick, some experts advise against selecting carnations that are of the striped variety. Though pretty, flowers in this family are said to symbolize more negative concepts like refusal. 

Look to the Horizon

A wedding is a chance for a new beginning. You are taking the next step in your life with someone who matters to you on a deep and intimate level. Naturally, it makes sense to pick flowers that help to capture this idea. If you’re looking for a bloom that is directly connected with the idea of new beginnings, daffodils are a wonderful option. While many people are familiar with the sunny yellow of the standard daffodils, it is also available in a variety of colors that can bring a happy and festive mood to your nuptials. 

Find What Fits Your Sensibilities

There are scores of flower options to consider when it comes to your wedding. While it is impossible to cover all of the choices in one swoop, you can definitely find success by gravitating toward the floral arrangements that appeal to your sensibilities. If a particular bloom captures your interest, look into the deeper symbolic meaning behind it. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you learn. 

Though a very big decision to make, selecting flowers shouldn’t be overwhelming. Explore a variety of approaches to come to a decision that makes you feel satisfied.  

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