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Mourners Holding FlowersIf you’ve lost a loved one who practiced Wicca, you may not know what to expect at their funeral. Here are some of the parts of a Wiccan funeral.

Wiccan Funeral Services

For the actual disposition of the body, Wiccans prefer a burial in which the remains are wrapped in a cloth and allowed to decompose naturally. Some state and local laws don’t allow for this option. At that point, cremation is the next best choice. 

If the body is cremated, the remains are often buried in a natural setting. Loved ones may be offered a portion to take with them to symbolically keep the decedent with them. 

The Summerlands

Wiccans don’t believe in heaven or hell, but in the Summerlands, a verdant, fruitful place where spirits can rest before they begin their next journey on the wheel of life. While there, they can communicate with their loved ones who are still alive through dreams, mediumship, or other means.

The Funeral Ceremony

Wiccans typically hold their rituals outdoors, in a space they have consecrated and hold as sacred. However, if weather is an issue, ceremonies may be held inside. 

To begin, the High Priest or Priestess will welcome the mourners, saying something like, “We gather today to honor the memory of [name], who left for the Summerlands on [day].” He or she may then ask everyone to join hands to symbolize that they have come together as a community to celebrate the life of their loved one.

The Ritual

The opening prayer is usually a call to the God and Goddess worshiped by the coven. It may reference the deities by name or simply address them as “Mother” and “Father.” One example of an opening prayer is this: “Mother of us all, gather us in your arms. You who know the grief of losing a loved one, send us comfort. Father and protector, stand by our side. You who know life and death, send us guidance. We, your sons and daughters, call you forth to join us as we remember [name]. Let us feel our sorrow and remember our joys.”

The High Priest or Priestess will then say, “[Name], we return your ashes to the earth. [Name], we hear your memories on the wind. [Name], we see your passion in the flame. [Name], we feel your love in the rain. [Name], your essence in memory remains. Travel now to the Summerlands, rest and return again.”

The Eulogies

The High Priest or Priestess will then name the person or people who are going to give the eulogies. They may be family members or friends who have prepared remarks remembering their dearly departed. After the eulogies, the High Priest or Priestess will ask if anyone else has memories of the decedent they would like to share. 

The Graveside

At the graveside, the High Priest or Priestess will hold a plant that will go home with the family of the person who died and say, “We each wish to keep our memory of [name] alive within us. Thus we add our energies to this plant to symbolize wanting to keep those memories.” Each person will be able to add a little dirt to the pot so that they are a part of the plant’s growth and health. 

The Final Blessing

The High Priest or Priestess will give a final blessing, saying, “May our Lady and Lord give you the strength to mourn and in time to find joy. May gentle rains join your tears. May the breezes stir your memories. May sparks of fire inspire your actions. May the earth bring you healing. May our gracious Lady and noble Lord be with you always. Blessed be.

A simple service compared to many, a Wiccan funeral is no less beautiful or meaningful. The ritual can help you move through the mourning period and remember your loved one with joy.

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