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Wedding Officiant With Bride/GroomThese days, fewer and fewer couples are opting to follow the traditional path when it comes to marriage. Instead of tying the knot in a church, people often host ceremonies in spaces that have personal significance or stunning aesthetic qualities. Additionally, it is becoming more common to have a religious representative, rather than a church official, officiate a wedding. For years, people looking to infuse a personal connection in their weddings have turned to friends and family members and ask them to officiate. If this has been asked of you, look over this quick list of what steps to take next. 

Know the Event Details

Before you take any steps toward becoming an officiant, you need to gather all the information you can about the wedding itself. By the time the couple approaches you, they will likely have already selected a specific date and time for the ceremony. Be sure to check and see if you have anything planned for this day before you agree. Though it is likely still several months away, there is a chance you could have already booked a vacation for that time period or have another large event that you’ve already committed to. 

It may also be useful to get an idea of how many people will be in attendance. If you are someone who gets nervous speaking in front of a crowd, then taking on this task for a big event might be more than you can actually handle. The more you know about the wedding in advance, the easier it will be for you to commit to a challenge that you can happily take on without any serious bumps later.

Explore Online Registration

Naturally, the easiest way for you to become an officiant is by looking on the internet. The Universal Life Church Ministries is an organization that makes it easy for anyone to become an officiant. All you need to do is research what is expected of you and involved with filling out the proper paperwork. In no time at all, you will be able to say that you are an officiant and prepare yourself to help a couple you care about deeply. 

Work on Your Words

After becoming an officiant, it is time to start working on what you will say during the ceremony. This is another point that you want to discuss with the couple. While they might not be interested in having a religious representative conduct the ceremony, they could still wish for some elements of the traditional speech to be incorporated. Ask what the couple prefers, and be sure to include each and every point that is asked of you. 

Try not to add too much personality into this part of the ceremony. While it might feel like you are there to keep the crowd entertained and engaged, your real job is to make sure you wed the couple. If the crowd is receptive, feel free to infuse some humor. Similarly, you can ask for a moment of silence should there have been a recent tragedy in one of the joining families. More often than not, a straightforward speech that includes the exchanging of the rings and a final kiss is the best way to go.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t forget to practice your routine a few times before delivery. The more you run through the words, the more natural it will all feel. If possible, visit the venue to test the acoustics and understand how to best project your voice.

Officiating a wedding is a big responsibility. Before you agree to anything, be sure that you know what is involved. Though it is not a complicated endeavor, there is a bit of work to do. Understand what will be expected and prepare yourself to bring this special day to life.

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