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Star Wars–Themed Wedding CakeWhen planning a wedding, you typically have a lot of control over what your event looks like. Usually, this means that couples will take certain liberties when it comes to where the reception is held or which songs are played throughout the ceremony. There are certain people, however, who like to go the extra mile with everything that they do. For example, a couple who considers themselves Tolkien buffs might want to pull out all the stops when planning Lord of the Rings themed weddings. 

The concept of the themed wedding is far from new, but there are still many questions you might have about the process. Review these points and learn how you can throw an event that perfectly reflects your personalities. 

What Are Themed Weddings?

The term “themed wedding” is very similar to the term “wedding theme.” However, these are not interchangeable concepts. The latter idea is more common, involving simple aesthetic points like color combinations or whether the event will have a rustic or modern vibe. The idea of a themed event is much more involved. Think about any party you have been to that has been centered around an obvious subject. Maybe this was a Christmas in July gathering where you asked everyone to don Santa hats at a picnic or a prom styled like a rodeo.

The reason it is important to think about these kinds of events is because this is how a themed wedding will feel. If you want to have a Lord of the Rings wedding, you need to do more than host the event in the woods. People will expect costumes, music, activities, and anything else that might call to mind the world of Middle-Earth. If you don’t commit fully to the theme that you select, your event will wind up feeling more like a child’s birthday party with a few matching decorations. 

Common Theme Choices

Though “Lord of the Rings” might be a fantastic series to base your wedding around, it is far from the only choice available. Some couples like to ditch the fantasy scene and take off to a galaxy far, far away. If you think that a Star Wars wedding ceremony is more your speed, there are just as many exciting options awaiting you. Hand out lightsabers, hire a cantina-style band of aliens to play tunes, and ask guests to wear only their finest Jedi robes. In fact, any area of nerdom is a perfect place to mine for themes.

Whether you dig comic books, video games, old horror movies, or Victorian tea sets, you can easily incorporate the hobby you obsess over into your nuptials. Naturally, you want to make sure your partner is on the same page. Even if he or she has the same interests, it shouldn’t be assumed that he or she wants to commit to a themed event. 

What To Consider

One of the biggest points you need to think about after setting a theme is notifying your guests of the choice. Depending on the concept you select, friends and family could need a good amount of time to put together appropriate outfits. Not only should you give ample time, it might be helpful to offer a few ideas for how guests might want to dress and where they can go to purchase the correct supplies. If certain people feel strongly about wearing normal clothing, you should not fight them on the matter. 

Lord of the Rings themed weddings are just one of the many different ideas you can toy with when planning your own nuptials. Consider the passion that gives you the most joy and see how to infuse the subject into your celebration.

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