Newly Married CoupleBefore COVID-19 threw the entire world a serious curveball, Friday and Saturday weddings were the norm in most Western cultures. Even a couple of years ago, people were asking if hosting a weekday wedding was a serious etiquette breach. The question is now undoubtedly moot, with couples scrambling to reschedule nuptials canceled when the pandemic hit the United States. Weekday weddings come with a few extra details; navigating them is vital to your planning success.

COVID-19 and the Wedding Industry

In the era before COVID-19, weekday weddings offered both advantages and challenges. Zola discusses a few of these, including cost and availability. With plenty of weekday slots free and few bookings, venues and vendors were more likely to give couples price breaks. On the downside, guests who worked during the week found it harder to attend.

It’s a much different story now, as The Knot points out. Planners, venues, and other professionals are working with couples who’ve had to reschedule their March, April, May, June, and early July weddings. With an uncertain future as the country slowly reopens and with experts cautioning about future outbreaks, it’s a little difficult to even determine the feasibility of October, November, or December 2020 dates.

Depending on where you live, the remaining weekends in 2020 have already filled up and you may have a rough time scoring a venue or vendors. Wedding Wire’s Kim Forrest mentions that Fridays and Sundays are quickly disappearing, too. It may be difficult, but not impossible, to book a Thursday. The primary takeaway: Keep your options open and plan an event that works best for you, your wedding professionals, and your inner circle.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday?

Forrest predicts that Monday weddings will be a major trend during the second half of 2020. If you’re concerned about inconveniencing your guests, remember that we’re all contending with the fallout from the pandemic and your Monday nuptials won’t seem unusual.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays will also see more weddings, but each of these poses unique issues. Monday and Thursday fall near weekends, so couples may opt to turn their nuptials into an extended weekend celebration. Tuesday and Wednesday fall mid-week, so it may be harder to find a time when most of your crowd can attend. In the meantime, you’ll still likely receive some regrets due to prior work and school commitments.

Planning Tips for Your Weekday Celebration

Although things have changed quite a bit since Martha Stewart Weddings’ Nicole Harris wrote about weekday weddings in 2018, her advice is still sound. First, you’ll want to give your invitees plenty of time to make plans. Harris recommends sending your invitations around three months before the date, and save-the-date cards eight months in advance. If that’s not possible, just let your guests know of your intended date right away.

Hosting an evening ceremony is also wise, but scheduling a time will require a careful balance. Too early, and you risk your guests getting stuck in traffic. Too late, and they may beg off your celebration because they must work the next day. Moreover, a locally hosted wedding is your best bet to ensure that most guests can attend. They won’t need to struggle with travel and lodging arrangements, so they can celebrate with you and then go home.

Flexibility and Focus Are Key

As weekends book up quickly by couples rescheduling their nuptials, hosting your wedding on a weekday remains a viable option. Planning yours requires shifting your approach and expectations, plus understanding that your event will look a little different. Maybe that translates to exchanging vows in a small chapel with a small reception at a nearby restaurant. Whatever your vision, the important thing is that you’re celebrating your love and lifelong commitment with the people who matter to you most.

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