Woman in a Floral Wedding DressIt is no small surprise that trends surrounding weddings change from one generation to the next. All you have to do is look at a picture from your parents’ nuptials to see aesthetics that are now considered outdated. These days, however, what’s considered “in” can change at a more rapid pace. If you’re planning to walk down the aisle in the new year, you may want some insight into what style experts are predicting will be hot. Dive into these trends and discover the perfect ideas for your big day. 

Ditching the White Dress

While plenty of brides have opted to stay away from white when picking their wedding attire, industry professionals are expecting colorful dresses to become the norm in the near future. Specifically, dresses with a floral print are poised to be a popular pick. Beyond flowery garb, wedding stylists are also stating that pastel dresses will be seen everywhere. If you’ve never been a fan of wearing white, now is your chance to explore a range of enticing and colorful choices.

Decorating With Residential Furniture

Many couples want their guests to feel at home while attending their weddings. One way this can be achieved is by decorating an event with furniture that is normally found in a home or an apartment. Placing comfy chairs, table lamps, and framed photos around the venue will cultivate a cozy ambiance and help friends and family feel relaxed from the moment they arrive. The basic idea here is to make your guests feel like they are attending a party in your home, which can make for an intimate and warm event. 

Getting Ready in the Same Space

Once upon a time, it was considered bad luck for a couple to see each other before their wedding. This is no longer a popular belief, which is why one trend that has skyrocketed in recent times centers on partners getting ready together. Not only is this a great way to feel relaxed and ready for the event ahead, it can make for some spectacular pre-wedding photographs. 

Adding Little Touches Instead of Following a Theme

For many years, wedding themes were incredibly popular. This has changed in recent years, however, and couples are now more interested in adding small details to their events. For example, you may want to include the imagery of butterflies in your decor without having to commit to including these insects in each and every aspect of your wedding. By adding butterflies to the centerpieces, programs, or event signage, you can include your favorite symbols without feeling like you’re overdoing it. 

Utilizing a Unique Guest Book

Another trend that has taken off over the last few years is using a unique guest book. From typewriters that offer your loved ones the chance to craft classic messages to tape recorders that capture the voices of the people you care about most, there are a number of clever ways to step away from tradition with your guest book. 

Having a Private Moment

Though your wedding is supposed to be about the love you share with your partner, you’ll find a lot of the event is spent talking with your guests and following a strict itinerary. To combat this, one popular trend that has emerged is the idea of a private final moment. By setting aside time at the end of the night for a slow dance, a drink, or a simple conversation, you can connect with your significant other without feeling like you need to rush off and chat with relatives or prepare to cut the cake. 

Trends surrounding weddings tend to change from one season to the next. Whether you opt to follow these upcoming fads or go your own way, knowing what will be popular can be useful when you’re putting together the details of your nuptials. 

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