Social media terms signpost vectorIn this day and age, social media is a pretty large part of most people's lives. The format offers many benefits, such as the ability to easily stay in touch with people whom you may not otherwise have contact with. Of course, just like with almost anything, there are downsides, such as the drama posting on social media can cause. This typically happens when people air their dirty laundry or too much of their personal lives on social media pages. If you are planning your wedding, then you may be tempted to share every detail with the world. While there are plenty of things that are great to post, there are some things that should probably be kept off of social media.

Announcing Your Engagement

One of the best ways to spread the word about your engagement is through social media. This gives you the ability to tell hundreds or perhaps thousands of people in a short amount of time. Before you make the announcement, you should make sure you have told the people closest to you. This might include people like:

  • Close family members
  • Best friends
  • Other important people in your life

These people may be upset if they find out through a social media post. It may seem more convenient, but don't announce your engagement until you have had a chance to call the people closest to you and let them know.

Wedding Planning Issues

There's nothing wrong with venting some of your wedding frustrations on a social media page. Whether it's the fact that you can't find the right shoes or that you are having a hard time finding a caterer that isn't booked on your wedding day, that's OK to share. However, planning problems that are more personal should not be shared on social media. Keep your thoughts about your uncooperative bridesmaid or your unhelpful fiancé to yourself. Even if you are being vague, you are likely going to cause problems for yourself by doing this. You don't want to hurt people's feelings and you don't want to cause avoidable drama right before your wedding.

Financial Aspects

Another aspect that should be kept private overall is the financial details of the wedding. People don't need to know that you are spending X amount on your wedding venue or that you received a check worth X amount from your great aunt. Talking money can make people feel uncomfortable, and people who cannot afford to give you that much money for your wedding may feel inferior or guilty that they cannot give you more.


On the one hand, it's your social media page, so you should be able to share as many details as you want. At the same time, posting multiple times a day on the details of your wedding can bore people and even annoy them. Try to keep some elements of surprise. Wouldn't you rather your guests see everything all together in person instead of in bits and pieces for the months leading up to your event? It's easy to get excited and want to share all the details, but you will likely be glad you waited.

Social media is a great tool for sharing with friends and family. However, it can be easy to cross a line and share more than you should. Remember that it's best to share big news in person or on the phone with people who are close to you, and avoid escalating drama by posting about wedding problems. You also may want to avoid financial posts and posts sharing every single detail. While it's perfectly understandable to be excited about your wedding, these are topics that are generally best to avoid on social media.

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