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Couple Watching a Virtual WeddingIn the years before the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual spaces were already a big part of our lives. By 2019, platforms like Twitter and Instagram were well into maturity and TikTok was beginning its rapid rise. When the lockdowns began, this trajectory only accelerated. Work meetings and coffee dates moved online to platforms like Zoom. Born out of necessity, this shift also unlocked endless potential. Virtual spaces proved to be an effective means of communication. 

With this realization came the rise of live events in the virtual space. Virtual comedy specials, concerts, and television programs were deemed legitimate for the first time. In an exceptionally short period of time, the space between the physical world and our online lives became one and the same. This change was not limited to work and entertainment, though. Many people saw fit to take some of life's most cherished moments online as well. 

Virtual Weddings 

While virtual weddings are not new, many people found them unthinkable a few years ago. Weddings are expected to be grand and lavish affairs. The standard of beautiful venues, dancing, and fellowship was utterly disrupted when the lockdowns began. Naturally, many couples decided to put their plans on hold until a more appropriate time. Still, there were others who decided that love could simply not wait.

Caroline Creidenberg was perfectly positioned to take advantage of the changing times. The Denver software engineer and entrepreneur had been working as a virtual wedding planner since 2017. When the pandemic struck in 2020, demand for weddings plummeted and she was suddenly left with no clients. Rather than panicking, she decided to take advantage of the situation

Wedfuly is currently the largest virtual wedding provider in the United States. While Creidenberg and her team initially sought to be wedding planners, they took to performing weddings on Zoom during the lockdowns. What started out of necessity ended up being a profitable business model. If their success is any indication, virtual weddings are likely to be around for years to come. 

The Beauty of Virtual Weddings 

Virtual weddings serve as a testament to the power of love. They're beautiful occasions because they connect loved ones and allow them to share in the celebration across borders and time zones. What's more, virtual weddings keep the focus on the couple and minimize potential distractions. In a world that is oftentimes shallow and materialistic, virtual weddings bring things back to the basics.

Cost Saving 

Virtual weddings are also a means to save money. As wedding vendors seek to rebound from the last two years of slow business, the market is stretched thin. This has resulted in higher prices and longer wait times. The joy of a wedding should not be limited to couples and families with expendable income. Virtual weddings are an increasingly attractive option to couples who are thrifty or have limited resources. Couples are also choosing virtual weddings so that they can invest more in their futures together. For example, saving money on the wedding frees up more resources for a honeymoon or a new home.

Weddings are a cherished and time-honored tradition. Virtual weddings are an affirmation of this view. Virtual weddings prove that modern technology is serving to strengthen and expand the role of weddings in society. Even more so, virtual weddings show us how resilient the power of love is. Their rise to prominence coincides with a period where people were shut off from one another. If humanity found a way to exchange vows during the hardest years in recent memory, there should never be any doubt that love can truly overcome all things.  

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