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Wine Glasses at a WeddingA wedding is a unique opportunity for you and your partner to highlight the love you share with each other. This means you do not need to follow in the footsteps of anyone who came before you. Your wedding gives you a very unique opportunity to be the center of attention and to celebrate in a way that is befitting of your personality. This does not mean you have to go out of your way to do something grand and ridiculous, it just means to take things slow and see where it seems natural to infuse yourself.

Take a look at a few of these ideas and see if any stand out to you. With a bit of time, you will discover some exciting ways to make your wedding one you will remember for the rest of your life.

Remain Casual

Nothing is more uncomfortable than standing in front of all your friends and family members with the person you love, and not really being able to interact with anyone. Plenty of people feel on the spot when in front of a religious official, waiting to hear the magic words of marriage, unable to speak to the person you are about to share your life with. To ease the tension, plenty of couples have begun adopting very relaxed attitudes while at the altar.

This does not mean being disrespectful to the rituals taking place, of course. Instead, it means that you have the chance to bring a bit of joy into the process. For example, many couples have toyed with the idea of playing a simple game of rock, paper, scissors while at the altar to see who will recite their vows first. This can keep the atmosphere casual and allow you and your partner a chance to connect on a simple level.

Keep It Glowing

Another way you can keep the wedding casual in an unconventional ways is by playing around with lighting options. Consider where you plan on getting married. Is there ample light? Are you getting married during the day or in the evening? How will this impact the light source? Knowing this might seem arbitrary, but it can play a big role in the aesthetic of your event. If the conditions allow for it, you may want to give all of the guests at your wedding candles to hold during the ceremony.

Having a crowd of your closest friends and relatives holding soft, glowing candles can create a striking image that will remain in your mind forever. It will also offer the photographer some absolutely brilliant shots of pleasant lighting and smiling faces.

Rethink the Centerpiece

The reception also offers several chances for you to think outside of the box for your wedding. You and your partner have probably spoken about centerpieces a lot during the planning stage of the wedding. No matter how you slice it, you need to have something on the center of the table. Instead of using flowers and the traditional stuff, think about making your centerpieces a bit more fun. There are plenty of interesting ideas out there, from using goldfish bowls to edible fruit arrangements, so take your time to discover the right choice for you. 

There are countless ways for you and your partner to ensure your wedding reflects your love. Take time to explore unconventional ways to shape your wedding and see if you can craft a night you will cherish forever. With enough research, you will have no trouble throwing an event that is brimming with images and energy relevant to your unique connection and powerful love for one another.

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