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Spring and summer weddings are quite popular. In fact, statistics state that a vast majority of weddings in the United States occur between May and September. This makes sense, especially if you plan on having the reception outdoors in any capacity. If you are figuring out the date of your big day and want to plan around the warmer months, then you might want to ensure your event reflects the mood and aesthetic of the season. Take a look at these tips and learn about a variety of trends that couples are utilizing when it comes to planning their weddings.

The Attire

First and foremost, consider what you would like guests to wear to your wedding. If you are going to host a big event in the thick of the summer, then you are going to be dealing with guests who are hot, irritable, and ready to cool down. One way to make matters more manageable from the start is by encouraging family and friends to wear outfits that are a bit more casual. If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, for example, cotton or linen formal wear can make for a perfect choice. 

You can also encourage guests to wear colors that reflect the dazzling beauty of the season. A springtime wedding where guests capture the colors of the budding blossoms in their attire can make for a wonderful event.

The Decor

A wedding in the spring or summer doesn’t need to be outdoors. In fact, you can easily capture the energy of nature by using the right decor in your planning. These days, couples are enthralled by decorations that look like they were plucked from outside. A perfect example of this is a “green chandelier.” This is a light fixture that is covered in moss, flowers, and other elements from nature. Couples who love the outdoors and are looking for simple ways to include nature in their weddings will adore this idea.

There are many ways to include nature in your decorating. Looking for items that are as stylish as they are functional? Use potted plants to create boundaries in your venue. One way to achieve this is by creating aisle markers by placing large, flowering plants at the end of each row of chairs in the ceremony space. 

The Texture

Textures have become a very popular focal point for weddings in recent years. Consider the last time you attended an event in a space similar to a refurbished barn or factory. What stood out the most? In most cases, what will be remembered is the way the building appeared and felt. Touching an old piece of restored wood is incredibly different than touching a piece of wood that has been mass-produced in a factory. Textures have a way of grounding people, creating a calming effect that also adds a robust element to the visual atmosphere.

The Lighting

The right lighting is key to any event and weddings are no different. For an affair held in the spring and summer, soft lighting is the way to go. In fact, you may want to opt for ambient light choices over practical ones. Small features like strings of faerie lights, twinkling lights, or even Christmas lights, can make for a phenomenal addition to any space. Some couples are even using vintage indoor lamps as centerpieces, which gives the tables in the reception space the feel of an old supper club or cabaret. 

The Choice

No matter what time of year you decide to tie the knot, there are many details to sort out before you walk down the aisle. For anyone planning on getting married in the spring or summer, there are some extra steps to take in order to put together an affair that perfectly reflects the tone of the season.

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