A frustrated couple on their wedding day

You want to avoid any unnecessary drama on the big day.

Your wedding day is a day when nearly everyone you and your spouse know are going to come together and watch the two of you get married. This thought is exciting to some but probably a bit overwhelming to most. Having everyone you know in one room may seem stressful, especially if there are certain people who can't seem to get along with each other. It may be that you have divorced parents, or perhaps your parents can't get along with your fiancé's parents. Maybe you have two uncles who seem to go at it at each family reunion. No matter what the case is, there are some things you can do to help prevent unnecessary drama at your wedding.

Be Prepared

While hopefully nothing will happen and everyone will be able to hold their tongue for the sake of your special day, it's important to be prepared. You may want to consider having some people on guard to watch for the start of any sort of scuffle. In general, it's best to ask someone you can trust, but someone who doesn't have any other role in the wedding. For example, you may ask an aunt, a cousin, or a close family friend. Someone who knows the family well is ideal. Ask that person to be on the lookout for any signs of arguments or strife, and ask him or her to step in if necessary. That way, you won't have to worry about something embarrassing happening at the reception, or even worse, the wedding ceremony itself.

Sit Them Separately if Necessary

If your parents are divorced, hopefully they can stand the sight of each other long enough to watch their son or daughter get married. They are adults, after all, so they should be able to put whatever issues they have aside, even if it's temporary. However, there are times when this seems impossible. If this is the case, try seating them separately. It may seem awkward to some, but if it's the only way to guarantee your wedding won't be interrupted, then it's worth it. You might have a few people sit between them or even have them sitting in different rows.

Talk to Them Beforehand

It can also be helpful to take them both aside before the big day and address your concerns. The conversation may be uncomfortable, but it needs to happen if this is something you are truly stressed about. Have the conversation with them one-on-one; you don't need to put both of them in the room at the same time, as this can stir up even more conflict. Here are some things you can tell them:

  • Let them both know you are concerned with how they might interact with each other at your wedding.
  • Tell them how important it is to you that your wedding day goes as planned without any distractions or issues.
  • Ask them if they can handle getting along with each other for one day.
  • If they can't, ask them what needs to be done to prevent them from arguing with each other.

This conversation can be helpful for several reasons. First of all, it lets them both know how much a fight would truly bother you. It helps you voice your concerns to them. Finally, it gives them an opportunity to either commit to getting along or to make adjustments as needed so they won't have to interact with each other.

In most cases, those who typically don't get along will be able to pull themselves together and focus on the joy of watching you get married. Still, it doesn't hurt to be prepared, so taking these steps may be a good idea to ensure your wedding day goes as planned.

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