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Bride and FriendsPlanning your wedding provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your life. When the time comes to select members of your wedding party, for example, you are given the chance to look at those closest to you and determine which family members and friends should have an active involvement in your day’s events. However, making big decisions about your wedding can also be difficult. If you’re unsure of who to pick as the best man or maid of honor, now is a good time to learn how to make the decision easier.

Go With Your Gut

Though the choice can be challenging on the surface, many people who struggle with this decision already have a general idea of who they want to serve these roles. Unfortunately, people tend to second-guess themselves when it comes to decisions related to the wedding. If you picture a specific person when you think about who should be the best man, then it stands to reason this is who you want to hold this position. Trust your instincts with big decisions and it can make planning a lot easier.  

Select More Than One 

Another common problem couples tend to run into when selecting people to be in the wedding party is wanting more than one person to serve a specific role. If you have two friends you want to be the maid of honor, there is nothing wrong with allowing both to sit in this position. In fact, this has become increasingly common in modern weddings. Instead of being forced to select between two of your closest friends, you can have them split the title and the responsibilities so everyone is pleased. 

Focus on Responsibility

You can also find the right person to fill the job of maid of honor or best man by thinking on the qualities you need for the role. There are a number of important responsibilities connected to these positions, and you want to make sure the person carrying out the duties is reliable. If you have a brother who tends to drop the ball when it comes to big and important tasks, you might want to think twice about allowing him to be your best man or sit down and have a serious conversation about the responsibilities. 

Discuss the Costs

You should also remain mindful of the fact that being a maid of honor or best man can be financially taxing. From putting together preliminary events like the bachelorette party and the bridal shower to covering the costs of dresses and other accessories, the members of the wedding party are often forced to spend a lot of their own money. Before you select anyone, you want to think about whether or not this person can actually afford the costs that are associated with assuming the role.

Don’t Pick Anyone

There is no rule stating you absolutely need to have a person fill the position of best man or maid of honor. In fact, you can ditch this concept altogether. Whether you have a lot of close friends and don’t want to make anyone jealous or you don’t feel strongly enough about anyone in your life to ask them to take on the responsibility, there are plenty of reasons to consider foregoing the wedding party. Weigh the pros and cons and gain more perspective on whether this is the right choice for your big day. 

Picking people to fill the positions of best man and maid of honor can often feel like an insurmountable task. Thankfully, there are several simple steps you can take to narrow your search. Look at your options, put a little thought behind the decision, and find the best people to bring your big day to life. 

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