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Groom and His Best ManIf you’re ever asked to be a best man for a wedding, there are certain things you’ll be responsible for. You’ll likely be in charge of the rings and the ushers. You may be expected to plan and host a bachelor’s party. One of your duties might be to prepare a best man speech for the wedding reception. If so, this will be a big moment during the newlyweds’ celebration. Here are some things to help you come up with a great presentation.

Plan Early

Even if you’re a good speaker, don’t wait until the last minute to start working on your speech. Recognize that you’ve been trusted with an important duty. As the best man, you’ll find yourself wrapped up in other preparations, including the suit fitting, dress rehearsal, bachelor’s party and more. Give yourself at least one to two months to prepare your address.

Show Appreciation

After you’ve introduced yourself, it’s a good idea to proceed by expressing appreciation to special people involved, including the parents of the newlyweds (if appropriate), the person who asked you to be a best man and others. This sets a nice tone while also providing a way for you to get your “feet wet.”

Connect the Newlyweds

When you’re talking about your sibling or best friend, it’s easy to focus too much on your relationship with that person instead of that of the newlyweds. You can definitely start off with your connection, but remember that the whole point of the occasion is to celebrate the new marriage. If you haven’t known the new spouse for very long, consider talking about what that person brings to your sibling or friend’s life. Make that the focus of your speech.

Watch the Jokes

Some good-natured ribbing of a sibling or best friend is welcome at a reception; however, don’t go overboard on the teasing. Remember that your audience is likely made up of people from different generations, age groups and backgrounds. Avoid inside jokes and comments that aren’t appropriate for mixed company. You should also refrain from poking fun at the new partner and family members.

Keep It Short

It’s likely that you won’t be the only speaker on the program. There’s also a good chance that your speech might come after that of a maid or matron of honor or that of the newlyweds’ parents. You don’t want the audience to tune out. Keep your comments both brief and engaging. Be mindful of the possibility that celebrants may be waiting to get to other parts of the reception, such as eating or dancing.

Rehearse Your Speech

Even if you have the gift of gab, you should practice your speech as many times as possible. Don’t just go through the motions. Rehearse regularly as if you’re delivering the presentation at the reception. If you require assistance, get someone to record you so you can go back and see which elements need work. Check for overuse of words like “um,” “well” and “like,” which you may not be aware of as you’re practicing.

Write It, Don’t Memorize It

While you never want to appear to be reading from a card, it’s better to do so than to rely on memorization. Having your speech written down will take away some anxiety. If your nerves start to attack, you’ll be glad you have some notes.

You’ve been entrusted with a big responsibility as the best man. If you’re expected to give a speech, these pointers can help you successfully deliver something special from your unique point of view. Not only is giving an address a great way to celebrate the new couple but to show the pair love as well.

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