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Wedding Ceremony in ProgressWe make it easy to get your credentials to be able to officiate at a wedding. The hard part is getting up in front of a hundred or more people to actually perform the ceremony. Most people do have a little fear of speaking in public, but you can overcome your anxiety to be part of this very special day. If this is your first time performing a wedding ceremony, let's talk about how to make it a little less scary.

Practice, Practice, Practice

You need to get the script for the ceremony about two weeks ahead of the actual event. On our website, you will find a script generator which will really simplify your life. If the couple wants to write their own script, tell them you must have it ahead of time. Read it through multiple times to get a feel for the words. When you're performing a wedding ceremony, think like a professional speaker.

  • Be familiar with the script. Don't memorize, but know it well enough to be able to make eye contact with the bride and groom or audience.
  • Sound realistic. Bring energy to the words. Don't read in a monotone voice.
  • Practice in front of a video recorder and watch yourself.
  • Watch videos or go to a wedding ceremony with the intent of watching the officiant. (OK, don't be creepy about it, ask your pastor first.)
  • Don't drink before the ceremony. Don't chance drinking too much.
  • Do not improvise. Stay on script so that you don't ramble and lose the audience.
  • Check out the sound system at rehearsal. This lets you hear yourself through the speakers.
  • Remember to relax. You're just a supporting actor in the cast. Everyone's eyes are on the bride and groom.

Look The Part

Although you are only a supporting cast member, you do not want to detract from the wedding party. Get your outfit professionally cleaned and pressed before the ceremony. Have it tailored to ensure a good fit. You will most likely be forever memorialized in the pictures. Make sure your shoes are shined and polished. Have your hair cut and trimmed a few days before the wedding. Women officiants may want to make an appointment for a professional stylist to actually do their hair and makeup on the day. It takes the stress off you and lets you relax before you're on stage. Men and women should also consider a manicure. You will be doing a lot of hand-shaking. You don't want rough hands or nails. More importantly, even if you have butterflies on the inside, you'll feel more confident when you look the part of an officiant.

Know Your Role

Talk to the couple and know what they expect from you. Do they want you to be the emcee at the reception? Can you bring your own guest? Sometimes space is very limited at the reception hall. Are you supposed to lead the rehearsal or will the bride and groom take on that role? Taking some time to discuss your place in the wedding will save time during the actual ceremony and prevent hurt feelings.

One final thought. If you mess up during the ceremony, just keep going. Mistakes happen. Drawing attention to it only makes a bigger deal out of it and puts you on edge. Many times, the audience won't even realize that there was an error. Be yourself. The couple chose you to perform the ceremony not because you are a professional, but because they have a connection with you. They wanted a special person to be the one to officiate at the wedding. Be that person and take part in what should be a very memorable day.

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