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 Elegant Outdoor WeddingSpending time outside has a way of invigorating the senses. When the weather is nice, most people want to head outdoors to soak up the sun. This is the exact reason why so many couples opt to throw outdoor weddings. There is nothing quite like walking down the aisle surrounded by the bounty of nature. One of the most popular options for outdoor weddings is the garden party. Made famous in France, a garden party reception blends the fun of an outdoor wedding with the elegance of high society.

If throwing a garden reception is on your radar, it can be useful to receive a bit of advice on how to get started. Look over these tips and prepare to throw a garden reception that impresses even the most stubborn of guests.

Consider the Comfort

Before you start planning all the little details of your event, take a moment to think about the bigger picture. Unlike indoor venues, you will not have control over factors like temperature. If your wedding falls on a particularly hot or humid afternoon, you could be dealing with guests who are sweating away while waiting for the event to get underway. You might not be able to control the weather, but you can definitely plan ahead by thinking about the overall comfort of your guests.

Comfort is wildly important at an outdoor wedding. Be sure to arrange the reception area so plenty of shade is offered to those seeking respite from the sun. If you worry it will be unbearably hot outside, then try to think about additional ways for guests to stay cool. Folding fans, for example, can provide a way for your friends and family to stay cool without much effort. For problems like mosquitoes and other bugs, be sure to provide bug spray and citronella candles. Arranging for these things in advance will go a long way toward your guests’ comfort.

Special Considerations

A garden reception can offer some unique planning challenges. You may find, for example, that you are not sure how to arrange the dining tables. One option worth your consideration is throwing an “open-air” wedding reception. Instead of having all of your guests sit down at their assigned tables when meals are served, you can treat the entire reception like the cocktail hour. Provide open seating and allow guests to mix and mingle while noshing. This is a simple way to make the most of your arrangement.

You may also want to make sure dinner is served early. Pushing the meal to the beginning of the night can help to keep your guests happy. As soon as the ceremony is finished, have guests take their seats for dinner. Once dinner is served, you can allow the guests the freedom of moving about the outdoor area without the need to rush back to their seats once the food is ready. Food at an outdoor wedding can be tricky, but there are plenty of simple tactics you can explore to find a great solution.

Have a Plan B

Finally, you never know when unforeseen circumstances are going to come along and ruin all your plans. A summer storm is a huge hindrance to those looking to bask in the beauty of the outdoors. Having a backup plan is a surefire way to stay one step ahead of the unknown. The last thing you want is to hear thunder before walking down the aisle without any idea of what to do when the rain starts to fall.

A garden wedding held outside can be both a wonderful idea and a huge headache. Take time to iron out the details and see what this option can bring to the table.

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