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Tree in the Shape of a HeartThese days, more and more people are aware of the growing threat of global warming. What’s more, the average person now understands how his or her actions have a direct impact on the planet. From ethical shopping to growing demands for change on a federal level, people are taking a stand in a variety of ways. If you’re currently planning your wedding, now can be a perfect time to consider throwing an eco-friendly event. Weddings tend to produce a lot of waste, but some preliminary decisions can help you change things for the better.

The Early Decisions

Going green with your nuptials begins long before the big day actually arrives. If you’ve yet to buy your engagement rings or wedding bands, then you may want to learn more about making an environmentally friendly choice. Diamonds might be the traditional gemstone, but mining for this rock has caused a fair share of environmental and ethical issues across the world, from the devastation caused by digging for diamonds to the abuse suffered by laborers in countless nations. Buying a ring without research means supporting a number of terrible practices. 

Luckily, there are plenty of jewelers and organizations that stray from these negative tactics. Learn more about options like diamonds grown in labs or businesses that source gemstones in ethical ways to feel confident your purchase isn’t adding to the planet’s struggle. 

The Afterthoughts

How you dispose of certain items after your event should also be considered early. For example, most couples tend to decorate their venues with floral arrangements. Unfortunately, the most common way of handling flowers at the end of the night is by tossing the blossoms in the trash bin. Avoid this practice by creating a plan to donate your arrangements. Offer your flowers to a couple tying the knot the day after you, or bring the bouquets to a local garden to be used as compost.

This mentality can also be applied to your catering. It stands to reason you will have far more leftovers than you will be able to get through on your own. By giving what remains to homeless shelters or other groups that could benefit from some quality dining, you can make your event a bit more sustainable. Be sure to talk to your vendors early about these arrangements, as they might be able to offer suggestions on nonprofits or charities to donate to.

What To Avoid

Many of your eco-friendly decisions will be based around the specifics of the event. If you’re going the DIY route for a small wedding in your own backyard, try to avoid using paper or plastic plates. In fact, some experts suggest renting flatware and dinnerware from a third party so you don’t create any garbage and avoid using a ton of water during cleanup. Going paperless with your invitations or opting for cardstock made of recycled materials can also be wise, as it reduces how much garbage you hand over to your guests. 

When To Repurpose

If you’re on a budget, you can benefit greatly from going green. Secondhand solutions are all around you, whether you’re searching for the perfect dress or decor to bring your theme to life. There is nothing wrong with going to thrift stores to find funky tablecloths or visiting a popular consignment shop to put the finishing touches on your outfit. Plus, you can pay it forward later by donating the materials back to the businesses you purchased them from in the first place or to another couple in need.

Though one person can’t stop all of the environmental problems facing the human race, there are actions you can take to lessen your impact. When you research your options surrounding going green with your wedding celebration, you’ll see how easy it is to throw an event that has an eco-friendly feel.

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