Groom and Bride in Front of Twinkle LightsWedding receptions might have a number of common features, but each event typically reflects the tastes of the happy couple. If you’re getting ready to plan your own nuptials, you may struggle with selecting a style that best captures how you envision the day playing out. Though the aesthetics of the wedding aren’t as vital as setting a date or mailing invitations, you still need to select a look that ties everything together. Use these tips to discover the easiest and most effective methods of choosing a theme that satisfies your sensibilities.

Before the Budget

Setting a limit to your spending is an important step to take early in the planning process. However, creating a budget can limit your imagination in some significant ways. Before you start doing the math with your finances, picture your dream wedding if you had unlimited funds. Though you may not be able to bring this fantasy to life, you can use what you envision as a springboard. What does the tone of the event feel like? How does the lighting appear? What colors are present? Answering questions like this defines parameters for your search.  

With or Without the Venue

The style of your wedding should usually fit the appearances of the venue. Throwing a black-tie soiree in a barn, for example, creates a juxtaposition that likely won’t play out well. However, a barn or similar rustic setting works spectacularly when your wedding theme is more on the casual side. Couples will either select a style that goes with the venue they have already booked or decide on a look early and use this to find a venue that matches.

Logistics will also be incredibly useful when nailing down the details. Consider factors like how many guests you’ll be inviting and whether you’d prefer an indoor or outdoor affair, as they can have a big impact on which venues and styles can actually be utilized. You can’t very well book a small venue with an intimate aesthetic when you’re inviting 400 people to the wedding.

Dress Matters

While the decorations and floral arrangements might seem like the biggest areas to focus on when showcasing your wedding style, this isn’t exactly true. The real way the event theme is brought to life is through the attire of the guests. This means you want to determine your dress code as you pick your look. If you want an aesthetic that carries a grand and luxurious air, for example, you’ll lean more toward a formal theme. A beach wedding with a relaxed style, on the other hand, matches a business-casual code of dress. 

A theme doesn’t need to include costumes or stylized outfits from guests, but you can also feel free to take your event in that direction. If you absolutely love “The Great Gatsby,” ask your guests to wear outfits inspired by the roaring ’20s. Couples who have fun with the look they pick tend to really enjoy the planning process, as finding fitting decor and clothing can spark a lot of excitement.

Color Conundrums

Color comes into play with most wedding services. From the flowers to the backdrop of the photobooth to the tint of the lightbulbs in the venue, color should be one of the biggest elements you focus on. The “color story” of your event can be picked based around the time of year, the dresses selected for the bridesmaids, or even something as simple as your favorite colors. You’ll discover that picking your hues early helps you make other design choices for your wedding a lot faster. 

Picking the perfect style for your big day boils down to taking a few small steps. As with most planning tasks, getting started early is the best way to reduce your stress and feel satisfied by the final results.

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