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Happy Couple Using a BlenderSetting up your wedding registry can be exciting, but it can also present some challenges. Prone to overanalytical thinking? You may worry about adding items that could make friends and family uncomfortable. You also don’t want to leave out essentials that can make your home more, well, homey. So stop stressing! Keep reading to learn what to omit from your registry, plus some useful items you can’t do without.

Register for Items You’ll Use

Registries have come a long way since their invention in the early 20th century. But whether it’s 1921 or 2021, there are certain items you’ll want to forgo. Before you click the “add” button or scan that bar code, remember some pointers offered by Wedding Wire’s Kim Forrest.

While your registry is meant to give your guests plenty of choices, it should also contain items you’ll actually use. Did someone offer well-meaning advice to add a blender? Feel free to ignore it if you already have one you like at home. And if you run out of ideas, don’t just indiscriminately add stuff and plan to return it later. You’re just creating more work for yourselves, and it’s much simpler to create a cash registry or ask for gift cards.

Etiquette experts are divided on whether regifting is acceptable or not. But even if you think it’s perfectly fine, don’t make plans for it in your registry. Avoid including items that you’d turn around and give to someone else. It’s not only rude, but it also defeats the purpose. After all, your friends and family are gifting with you and your spouse in mind.

Don’t Get Greedy

Your registry reflects your needs and desires as a couple. With that in mind, it’s unwise to add things that only one of you will use – jewelry, clothing, personal electronics, and the like. Also, steer clear of adding too many high-ticket items. You want your registry to encompass a wide range of price points so every guest can find affordable gift options.

Forrest also reminds readers to avoid registering for the same items at different retailers. After all, you don’t want the hassle of having to return duplicates. If you are creating multiple registries, make a list of what you want and split it up between your chosen stores.

Think Outside the Box

There are many faux pas to avoid with your registry. Yet on the flip side, couples often overlook some useful items. Brides senior editor Kate Donovan mentions a few things that may surprise you – for instance, towels. It’s a perfect opportunity to upgrade your current set or replace ones that are past their useful lifespans. Since you’ll probably get some prints of your wedding photos, Donovan also suggests picture frames. Artwork is also another excellent choice: It can set the mood in your new home or liven up your existing walls.

Maybe you’ve got a plethora of housewares, but Donovan recommends more uncommon items. You don’t want another toaster, but a new grill definitely gives you more cooking options. It’s also smart to register for items such as rugs and lamps. Neutral-toned items can be easily integrated into your existing décor. Meanwhile, don’t forget practical tools like vacuum cleaners – they’ll serve you well for years to come.

Have Fun With Your Registry

Registry etiquette has changed quite a bit, yet some things remain the same. Remember your needs as you add items, avoiding stuff you already have or won’t use. Include items at low, high, and moderate price points. Finally, don’t be afraid to choose unconventional items like artwork and towels. Following these tips and giving thought to your choices can help you build a diverse and useful registry.

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