Couple Planning a HoneymoonFor many couples, the end of the wedding reception signals the beginning of the honeymoon period. While dashing to the airport in the days immediately following your marriage might seem like the norm, there are plenty of other options to consider. In fact, you might discover it is more advantageous for you and your partner to delay your honeymoon a bit. Making this decision may help you find the chance to recharge your spirits and expand your budget before taking off on an adventure.

If you’re curious about the benefits of delaying your honeymoon, then you’re in luck. Take a look at some of these perks of pushing back your post-wedding trip and see the advantages you’re likely to experience.

More Time To Plan

Most couples tend to plan their honeymoons while putting together arrangements for their weddings. Though this might be commonplace, it doesn’t change the fact that planning two separate events at once can be draining. One of the biggest reasons to think about delaying your honeymoon is because it allows you more of an opportunity to plan out the details. You might not have the mental capacity to set your itinerary while you’re picking out cardstock, deciding on floral arrangements, and finding the right dresses for your bridesmaids.

Having more time to plan means you can actually look over the details of your trip. When you take on the task of planning everything at once, you are less likely to pay attention to all of the exciting deals and packages available for honeymooning newlyweds. Opting for these deals and discounts is a great way to put some restraints on your budget and get more out of your experience. Plus, the time between your wedding and your honeymoon can give you more than enough room to save some extra cash for your travels.

Enjoy Your Wedding

One of the biggest troubles with planning a honeymoon for right after a wedding is that there isn’t a lot of time to relax. By the time the reception is winding to a close, you and your significant other are already getting your plans straight for dashing off to the airport or wherever else you need to be to get your vacation started. This means you’re not dedicating all of the time you should to actually enjoying the experience of tying the knot with your partner.

Most couples say that weddings fly by in a blur. This means you’ll want to make a conscious effort to slow down time in whatever ways you can. Delaying your honeymoon means you won’t need to worry about running out the door the second the DJ plays the last dance. Instead, you can linger with the many amazing guests who came to share in your big day and really sink into the happy emotions of the evening.

Less Stress

Weddings are inherently stressful for most people. This is even truer when you don’t have a moment to breathe after all is said and done. Rushing right to your honeymoon means you barely have enough time to process all of the good vibes you experienced during your wedding. If you’re looking for less stress related to planning your big day, then delaying your trip a bit might be the easiest and most efficient solution.

A honeymoon is a chance for you and your significant other to enjoy your first steps of married life together on an exciting adventure. Unfortunately, rushing through your wedding to get to your trip is an easy way to feel stressed and spend more money than you should. To make the most of things, consider delaying your excursion by a few weeks and see what difference it can make to your mood and your budget.


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