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Groomsmen With Colorful SocksPlanning the wedding of your dreams is about a lot more than hiring some vendors and buying an outfit. For many couples, the process is a chance to take their love story and bring it to life. One way this is achieved is through decor. More than the actual decorations, you may wish to think over the colors you use during your event. From the floral arrangements to the tablecloths, having a few specific shades in mind while designing your wedding can help you put together the aesthetic of your wedding with ease.

While picking colors might not seem too complicated, many couples struggle to find the right shades. Review these suggestions to see how easy it is to incorporate the perfect colors into your celebrations.

Use the Venue and Season

The easiest way to find colors for your wedding decor is by looking around your venue. From the walls to the accents around the windows to the plants placed around the reception hall, there are likely many natural hues found right within the space itself. By using the colors found within the venue, your life will be a lot easier when it comes to decorating. Instead of overhauling all of the existing decor, you can simply add to the scene with whatever extra bits you’d prefer.

Along this same line of thinking, using the season can also be a practical way to find the right colors. In the spring, the bursts of bright blossoms on the trees make it easy to incorporate pinks and reds into your event. Conversely, white and other neutral tones are ideal in the winter. Find ways to infuse the shades of the season into your wedding for an effective and simple way to transform the space.

Think About the Intended Mood

Another way to find the perfect shades is by focusing on the mood you are trying to set. Some couples aim for an intimate, cozy vibe at their wedding. Others may wish to bring out the festive nature of the nuptials. Think about the emotional component of the ambiance to infuse your big day with colors and images that help to perfectly capture what you are trying to express. 

If you’re having trouble figuring this out, try looking at photos that capture the aesthetic you have in mind. Whether you want to make the event seem dark and moody, light and airy, or any other combination, a little research will provide the perfect inspiration on how to execute your vision.

Understand Basic Color Concepts

A natural eye for color is not a trait all people share. Thankfully, you don’t need to invest in hours of classes on color theory in order to get an idea for the core concepts. Research information on the color wheel and which shades tend to complement each other the best. These basic points can do wonders when it comes to helping you find decorations that accent your main hues without clashing. 

Go With Your Gut

Unless you’re inviting a bunch of artists and Instagram influencers to your wedding, you really don’t need to go overboard with your color theme. Most of your guests will appreciate what you select without criticism, so it can be best to go with your gut. Avoid overthinking too much and you’ll feel much more satisfied with the finished results.

Color plays a big part in the overall aesthetic of a wedding. It can set a mood, add to the look of a space, or contribute to the feel of a seasonal event. As long as you explore how to find the right shades, you should have no trouble putting together a color story you absolutely love.

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