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RV Parked at a LakeDeciding where to go on your honeymoon can feel like a big decision. Though you might believe you need to select one destination, there are plenty of plans that can incorporate a variety of locales. Renting an RV is an excellent way to answer the call of adventure after tying the knot. Naturally, you don’t want to jump into this idea without first planning out the details. These suggestions will guide you through the process of planning an RV honeymoon you won’t soon forget. 

The Rental

The first task to hit is renting an RV. Some couples might have access to an RV through friends or family members, but most people will need to explore rental options. Do a bit of preliminary research on the different sizes and styles. Couples who prefer to be pampered might want a few more amenities than the duo who likes to live on the edge with as few luxuries as possible. Larger vehicles may seem appealing for when you’re parked, but don’t forget you’ll need to safely drive the RV. 

The Duration

Before you rent the RV, you’ll want to discuss the duration of the trip. How long are you looking to be out on the road? A standard honeymoon lasts anywhere between one and two weeks. If you have the ability to vacation for longer, take advantage of it. The more time you have, the more you can accomplish on your trip. When planning, you can use the amount of time available to dictate your route or you can select your timeline based around the destinations you’d like to visit. Choose whichever makes sense for your planning sensibilities.

The Destinations

The open road offers plenty of opportunities for excitement. Depending on your personality, you can either select locations in advance or leave the decision up to fate. Some couples find it exhilarating to hit the highway without any clear destination. Doing this means you can take advantage of whatever life throws your way. There’s no itinerary to adhere to, so you can take detours and explore the road less traveled to your heart’s content. Plus, there will be lots of other opportunities for you to follow plans and scripts throughout your married lives.

The Maintenance Factor

An RV is quite different than a standard car or truck. Unless you have operated one before, you will definitely benefit from reading up on basic maintenance requirements. Should a tire go flat or you experience an issue with the battery, you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road without a clue as to what to do next. Do some preliminary research and ask the rental company for guides or documents that can guide you through the process of tending to commonplace issues. While being able to connect to the internet is easy when you’re in populated areas, you could get stuck in a region with no reception. Plan ahead and bring along any physical books or manuals that will prove critical in the event something goes awry under the proverbial hood.

The Interesting Options

There are plenty of interesting ways to personalize this honeymoon plan. Do you have friends and family in distant states who you rarely get to see? An RV makes for the perfect chariot to ride in when you’re looking to connect with loved ones. Plan your trip around where family is located or take into account another factor like popular roadside attractions, famous baseball stadiums, or whatever strikes your fancy. The only parameters when planning a road trip are your imagination and the physical limitations of the vehicle itself. 

Your honeymoon is an opportunity to connect with your new spouse in a meaningful way. If you have a taste for excitement, renting an RV for a road trip is a wonderful idea to kick around.

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