Bride and Groom DancingMusic plays a huge part in the overall experience of a wedding. When you've got the right wedding playlist, it can make a big difference. Of course, it isn’t always easy to set the right mood. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to music. Pleasing a large crowd while also feeling like your music stays true to who you and your significant other are is no simple endeavor. Luckily, there are many different ways to get the most out of the entertainment you select for your wedding and put your own spin on things, so look over these tips. Soon, you will be ready to make a playlist that will keep everyone satisfied the whole way through.

Special Music

First and foremost, you want to make sure the music featured at your event highlights the special relationship you share with your significant other. While you and your partner might have different opinions on what constitutes “good” music, it stands to reason there are a few songs that you both love. Be sure that any tunes you are both into are included on your wedding playlist in some way. This guarantees the music will reflect the relationship that you have forged over your years together.

After you’ve selected songs together, it is time to start picking specific music that you enjoy separately. This part of the process can prove to be a bit tricky. You want to make sure that you select music your guests will also enjoy. While you may love sad tunes strummed out by songwriters, you should limit how many of these you include in the festivities. Definitely feel free to include a few songs that showcase your personality, but don’t allow the wedding playlist to tip too far into obscurity or a specific mood.

The Biggest Hits

You’ve probably been to your fair share of weddings. At most of these events, it stands to reason you have heard some big pop tunes and instructional dance songs. These tunes are played so often that there is a big trend among younger couples to ensure this music is not included during their own reception. While including this type of music may seem like a good idea, it’s definitely one way to guarantee some eye-rolls from certain guests.

Still, there’s a reason wedding DJs play the biggest and most popular songs. People tend to have more fun when they are somewhat familiar with the music they are dancing to. This means older crowds like the comfort of hearing the Electric Slide and younger audiences are happy when Top 40 tunes are bumping out over the dance floor. While your wedding is definitely about you and your partner, it is also about your guests to a degree. Keep this in mind when selecting music to help make the experience enjoyable for all.

Create Some Rules

Selecting a playlist is one thing, but you also need to set rules for how the music operates during your event. Talk to your DJ or live band in advance and come up with some guidelines together. If you don’t want your guests making a million requests, then tell your DJ to limit how many he or she will accept. As long as you are focused on the flow of your wedding, it will be easy to create rules that everyone can adhere to and still have some fun all the while.

In order to throw a wedding you and your guests will love, spend a bit of time thinking about the music. Consider what tunes you and your partner absolutely want playing throughout the night, and find a plan that works for everyone.

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