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You're planning your wedding and trying to decide on a date. It's one of the first decisions you will have to make. While it's well known that most weddings occur in the spring or summer months, having a wedding in the winter can offer several benefits that a warm-weather wedding cannot. Here are some reasons you might consider a wedding in the winter.

A Beautiful Landscape

Imagine how beautiful your wedding photos will look with snow in the background. The snow adds an extra level of beauty to the outdoors, and the white will make your wedding colors pop. In addition, your wedding will likely vary from others held in the spring and summer with the color scheme. Find some colors that stand out, such as deeper jewel tones or darker colors. Your wedding photos will come out stunning with the beautiful background winter can provide.

You Can Have It Outdoors

While you may think that a winter wedding should strictly be held indoors, you can make it work outdoors in some ways. In fact, it can be more pleasant compared with the hot humidity of summer. There are a couple of ways you can do this. First, you could set up a tent and have a heater to warm your guests and wedding party. On the other hand, you could simply let guests know that the wedding will be outdoors and to dress accordingly. 

Regarding the wedding party, you can choose warm bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, and have the men wear a suit with a coat. In addition, you could have a warm shawl to keep the ladies warm. Consider having a shorter wedding ceremony if you will have it outside in the cold weather. Also, include some blankets in the color theme of your wedding to help keep your guests as comfortable as possible.

Better Pricing and More Availability

Because most weddings occur in the spring and summer, many vendors will have lower prices in the winter. In addition, they may offer coupons or special deals, which can help your budget significantly. In addition, it should be easier to book vendors on specific dates, which gives you the flexibility you would not have during the spring and summer months. This can save you a lot of stress, and you can apply the money you saved to your honeymoon. 

Fun Winter Themes

You can use some winter elements to make your wedding even more beautiful—for example, a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments in your wedding colors or a fireplace. You could offer hot chocolate to the guests and a little wedding favor with a graham cracker, a piece of chocolate, and marshmallows. Then you can have a bonfire during the reception where people can go outside to make s'mores. With these unique touches, your wedding will be a memorable experience.

Something to Look Forward To

Many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder during the colder months. This is a depression that occurs during winter. It may be because of the lack of sun, the shorter days, or the fact that there is more sickness during the cold months. Regardless, because of this mood disorder, many people feel sad during winter, which can seem to drag on forever. However, if you have a winter wedding, it can give you and your guests all something to look forward to and a reason to celebrate.

While having a wedding in the winter is different from the norm, it can offer many benefits. The coziness of winter and the overall feel can make your wedding one of a kind. Consider this to make your wedding one to remember, with many unique touches.

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