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Cute Wedding FavorsIt has been said that the details of an event often help to make it memorable for those in attendance. If you’re planning your wedding, the favors can make for a perfect opportunity to make an impression. While not all couples opt to give out gifts, there are a handful of reasons to consider favors. For one, guests don’t expect these gifts and are typically surprised to receive a small token upon leaving a wedding. What’s more, it provides you a final chance to show the people you love a bit of gratitude for coming out to celebrate. 

Wedding favors can take whatever form you want, from simple trinkets to more intricate presents. Consider these approaches and find the ideal way to tackle this planning task.

Buying the Best

Perhaps the easiest solution to finding favors is buying them. Knowing what gifts are most popular can be a huge help when you’re short on time and mental energy. According to recent studies, hand sanitizer has become the top pick. This should come as no surprise, as COVID-19 restrictions have made such personal care items absolute essentials. If you want to be a little more creative, another popular pick in recent years is a seed packet. A perfect symbol of growth, small packs of seeds are as inexpensive as they are easy to buy in bulk. 

If you’re looking for an easy gift that has a bit more of a personal touch, you can also order custom favors. Beer koozies designed to feature the date of the wedding or the married name of the happy couple can be a great way to commemorate the occasion. Some couples also give out personalized matchbooks, which are another ideal way to save money and still deliver a sweet and clever present to your guests. 

Doing It Yourself

A more involved way to approach wedding favors is by going the DIY route. Anyone planning a wedding has stumbled upon blog posts or videos explaining how easy it is to make your own decor and gifts. Unfortunately, the reality can often be a lot more involved than these guides let on. Before jumping at the do-it-yourself favors, remember that this will require time, effort, and a ton of patience. Even a very easy favor can become a burden when you need to make the same thing 200 times. 

The digital age has brought about some very interesting ways to give out unique favors without spending a lot of money or wasting all your free time. One gift couples have been exploring is a “digital mixtape.” Using a service like Spotify, the couple will select a variety of songs to include on a playlist. The link is shared with guests at the reception, allowing friends and family to indulge in some great tunes after the event has come to a close. Use the songs played during your wedding or any music you think the guests will appreciate.

Being Practical

The final approach you can consider for your favors is a present that can be put to good use by your guests. Since friends and family often have to travel for weddings, many couples will book hotel room blocks to make finding accommodations as convenient as possible. Guests also drink a lot at weddings, meaning hangovers are always a possibility. As a way of helping out, you can create a “recovery kit” as a favor, including everything from a bottle of water to aspirin to breath mints. This idea is an inexpensive way to show guests some extra TLC.

While favors are more of an option than a wedding essential, there are plenty of reasons to offer parting gifts at your reception. Weigh out your options and discover the best way to impress your guests.

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