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Offering Up GratitudeYour wedding does not come to life without a bit of help. While you might be the one responsible for making the decisions, it is highly likely you rely on vendors to take care of jobs like catering, entertainment, and drinks. These professionals will stand in your corner and do everything to help bring your perfect day to fruition. Though you are paying for these services, you may feel an impulse to show some extra gratitude for all of the dedicated assistance during a hectic time. 

There are many clever and sweet ways you can thank your vendors. Consider these simple ideas to get your wheels turning.

Use Traditional Thanks

You don’t need to go to extreme lengths to show extra appreciation to your vendors. In fact, there are several timeless options available to you from the start. After your wedding, you are likely going to write and send thank-you notes to your guests for their gifts and presence at the reception. To kill two birds with one proverbial stone, write out a few extra cards for your vendors. There is something inherently thoughtful about a card received through the mail, and your vendors are sure to find it a kind gesture .

Explore Digital Gratitude 

Worried about the environment? Plenty of couples make the decision to ditch paper invites and thank-you cards in favor of digital communication. This eco-friendly route can also offer you some unique ways to thank your vendors. In the age of the internet, social media clout can be quite powerful. Tagging your vendors and showcasing the finished products through social posts and pictures can be a lovely way to thank them. This exposure is usually how many small businesses find new clients, so spreading the word is a way of giving back in an effective way.

Invest in the Company’s Future

Many vendors focus on more than weddings. The baker who made your cake, for example, likely concocts all sorts of tasty confections for a variety of events. If you loved what you tasted and want more, purchase a gift card from the business after your wedding. Having a one-and-done relationship with a vendor is fine, but becoming a regular customer for the brand is a fantastic way of encouraging growth and investing in the future of the business. If you know someone who is planning a wedding, definitely use this as an opportunity to refer your favorite vendors.

Be a Reference 

You can do more than refer friends and family members to vendors. In many cases, a vendor will need to list previous clients and satisfied customers as references to secure future contracts. When you loved your experience, consider being added to the list of references. This will be a huge help to a vendor that is just starting out or looking to expand a portfolio. Leaving a positive review of the business on sites like Yelp and Facebook can also be advantageous, since many people use these sites as a starting point when researching their options.

Offer Small Gifts

As with thank-you notes, gift bags are a common option when looking for additional ways to impress and delight guests. If you plan on giving out these tokens of appreciation at your event, consider thanking your vendors by adding them to the list of recipients. Whether you’re giving out scented candles, flowers, or wine, it is a very easy way to show thanks without having to take too many additional steps.

Vendors contribute a great deal in order to help you bring your wedding visions to life. When all is said and done, taking an extra step can go a long way to show sincere gratitude. Mull over different ideas and determine how you can best showcase your deep appreciation to these talented individuals. 

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