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Champagne Glass TowerPutting together your wedding can often feel like a blur of an experience. While you don’t have control over every little aspect of your big day, you can still take time to put your personal touch on the event. Instead of feeling like you need to customize every aspect of the wedding, focus instead on one or two specific decisions. Look over these understated ways of expressing your personality through your wedding and find what makes the most sense for you. 

What You Register For

Perhaps the easiest way for you to show your guests your personality is through your gift registry. Instead of asking for standard gifts like home decor or new kitchen appliances, request gifts that align with your actual interests. If you and your partner are big film buffs, ask guests for presents that center around your favorite movies and franchises. Couples who love to brave the outdoors for an adventure can similarly register for gifts that will help them see success during the next excursion into nature. 

What You Send Out

Another simple way to put your mark on your big day is with your invitations. Everything from the font you select to the stationery the information is printed on can make a difference with how the finished product feels. If you want to personalize your event and don’t have a budget to make this happen on a larger scale, the invitation can help to set the tone in a way that your finances will allow. Splurge a bit on the appearance and feeling of the invites, and the choice can go a long way overall.

What You Give Away

A wedding is about far more than receiving love, attention, and gifts. In fact, many couples enjoy using this event as an opportunity to give back to the people they love. One easy way to show your appreciation to friends and family while also personalizing your event in a unique way is through your gift bags. Though not required, gift bags are a fun way to thank guests for attending such a big moment in your life. Whether you opt to include practical, sentimental, or silly items in the bag, you can bet it will leave an impression. 

What You Say

Unless you’re getting married in a venue that puts a lot of restrictions on the ceremony, you can also customize your wedding by focusing on what you say during it. From the readings that friends and family do throughout the event to the exchange of personalized vows, selecting the right words can make a world of difference in how intimate your big day feels. This same mentality should also extend to the reception and the various speeches given by the members of the wedding party.  

To ensure you leave your guests with a feeling of love and comfort, end the evening with a quick speech. Grab the mic, thank everyone for coming out, and use your own voice and words in a way that will have a direct impact. 

What You Do After

Not every aspect of your wedding is confined to the ceremony or reception. If you want to provide your night with a memorable finale, arrange for some after-party plans. Have a select group of guests back to your house, a local bar, or a hotel room, and keep the energy going as long as you can. Weddings are rare opportunities to see people you care about, so take advantage of the moment and make the fun last with some personalized late-night events.

There are plenty of reasons why you can’t customize each and every aspect of your wedding. Whether you’re dealing with budget restrictions or spatial limitations, don’t feel discouraged. As long as you focus your energy on a few key areas of planning, you can put the personal touch you desire on the day’s festivities and feel satisfied with the finished product.

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