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Props for a Photo BoothA wedding has no shortage of activities, from dancing to drinking to toasting. It can be hard to imagine much downtime during these events. Still, there are bound to be moments where the energy lags. Bringing some extra entertainment into the mix has become quite commonplace with modern weddings. Best of all, there are countless directions you can take this idea. To get your wheels turning, consider this assortment of activities that can engage the crowd without causing too much distraction from the main event itself.  

A Performance

Though the dance floor tends to be the most appealing location for wedding guests, there are many moments during the event when the crowd will be seated. When dinner is served, people enjoy themselves and eat their fill before getting back to the groove. During the meal, you can keep your friends and family entertained by hiring performers to put on a small show. Whether you bring in a magician, an aerialist, a contortionist, or a speed painter, mealtime is the perfect window of opportunity to add a little something extra to your event. 

A Unique Experience

The idea of the photo booth has become very enticing for many couples. Allowing guests the chance to sneak away and take posed photos that are printed immediately is a neat way to deliver worthwhile personalized souvenirs. However, there are a bunch of other services you might also want to consider. What about a table guests can visit to have their fortunes told by an actual psychic? This creates an experience that many people might not have considered otherwise and will help them always remember your wedding. 

An Important Cause

Plenty of couples feel strongly about certain issues. Whether you care deeply about the state of the environment or do your part to support research of a particular illness, your wedding can be a nice opportunity to put a cause front and center. One way to do this is with your entertainment. Are animal issues important to you? If the venue allows for it, you might want to consider working with a local shelter and having a furry friend or two come to your wedding to promote an upcoming adoption event. The cuteness levels will be off the charts!

A Convenient Surprise

Running back and forth to the bar during a wedding can consume a lot of a guest’s time during a wedding. As an alternative, you can explore the option of hiring servers who bring drinks and interact with the crowd in a fun way. From drag performers to local actors in a community theater, there are a number of clever and unique ways to turn the important task of grabbing drinks into an interactive and amusing experience. The caterer might also be open to the idea of having its own serving staff get in on the fun.

A Bit of Music

Hiring a live band instead of a DJ tends to cost a lot more. However, you can easily have a musical performance interlude at the right time without paying for a full night of tunes. Whether you hire a local band you admire to play a couple of songs before the reception begins or you ask a relative to break out the guitar and keep the crowd entertained as the night comes to a close, live music can be a delightful surprise for your guests. 

Entertainment plays a significant part in how the people at your wedding feel about the event overall. From live music to psychic readings, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding a service that fits. While you shouldn’t spend all of your budget on this area, you will definitely find adding an extra touch to your big day helps to keep everyone engaged.

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