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Reading Personalized VowsThe idea of writing your own wedding vows is far from a new concept. Since the act of getting married is a very personal one, couples throughout the ages have added their own thoughts and feelings about the moment to the mix. One of the easiest ways to put a custom spin on your ceremony is by including personalized vows. Countless couples have explored this option, as it offers the chance to cut to the core of the love you hold for your partner. Review these tips and learn how you can write customized vows that perfectly fit the occasion. 

Check Your Permissions 

Before you get too far ahead of yourself, stop and take a moment to consider whether you have permission to pursue personalized vows. Not all religious orders allow for custom vows, especially sects that have stricter rules when it comes to the way a ceremony must be conducted. Reach out to your officiant to gain more perspective on what can be included. More often than not, nonreligious officiants allow for any script deviations that the couple desires. 

If you aren’t allowed to write your own vows, there are still some options. Some couples opt to speak their personalized sentiments to each other during the ceremony, as it provides the perfect opportunity to remind everyone why they are present. 

Look at Some Templates

Next, review different templates for vows online. While this technically isn’t a requirement, you’ll find that having plenty of examples at your disposal can go a long way when it comes to writing your own. Basically, a template gives you the basic structure that you should be working with for your vows. Whether you stay with the guidelines or create your own script from scratch, knowing the basics is the best way to start.

One rule to stick with when writing vows is to keep them short. You and your partner should have about a minute each to get through all you have prepared. While going a little longer is fine, don’t ramble for too long. Remember that you aren’t delivering a speech; you’re merely making a statement surrounding your intention to marry.

Focus on Your Partner

The best way to approach writing your vows is to center the message on your significant other. There’s no need to go into your history together or talk about any specific details surrounding your relationship. Instead, consider the qualities that make this person so irreplaceable in your heart. You’ll find writing a list of your partner’s positive traits can help provide you with invaluable inspiration for what you should say. If you find yourself stuck for what to say, this list should help jostle your mind and get the words flowing. 

Some experts suggest reading your message out loud to a friend or relative to gain some insight into how it sounds. Pick someone who will offer helpful criticisms and make changes you find useful.

Make the Message Relatable 

While your message should be about your partner, structure it in a way that makes it appealing to the audience. Vows that dive into the specifics of a personal anecdote might be sweet to the two of you, but you’ve got guests to consider. If your message is laden with inside jokes or references to events no one else was present for, the vows will be quite boring to the crowd. Balance the personal with the relatable to keep the attention of your friends and family the entire time.  

The decision to write your own vows is one that can make your wedding feel like it belongs to you. As long as you follow the right steps, you should have no trouble putting together an engaging message that captures how you feel about your partner.

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