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Two People Attending a FuneralLosing a loved one can be one of the most challenging things a person goes through, and this is especially true when the death is sudden and unexpected. You may feel inundated with emotions.

Unfortunately, on top of grief, the family has to make many decisions regarding funeral and burial arrangements. This can be incredibly intimidating and overwhelming. If you find yourself in this situation, there are several things you can do to get organized.

Notify Family and Friends

One of the first things you need to do is notify family members and friends who may not have heard the news. This will likely be a challenging task, but it is an essential one. Consider splitting this task among several family members so it is manageable. Be ready to answer follow-up inquires, as the people you contact will likely ask questions as they process the news.

Decide on Burial or Cremation

If the death was unexpected or the person was young, there may not be a will. If this is the case, you will need to make some decisions, such as whether burial or cremation is best. A burial offers advantages such as having a viewing at the funeral, which may provide closure for loved ones. It also provides a final resting place that anyone can visit whenever they want.

On the other hand, cremation is often less expensive, and you may feel more at peace scattering some of the ashes in a memorable location or having them in an urn in your home. In addition, it offers more flexibility on when the service is held, which can be helpful if family and friends need to travel from out of town.

Contact the Funeral Home

No matter what you decide, you need to contact the funeral home. They will be able to navigate you through some of the decisions, such as flowers, music, and who officiates the funeral. In addition, they can offer emotional support and counsel for the family, which can be comforting and reassuring. They can also help with the death certificate and other official papers. You can pick out a casket or urn at this time as well. 

The funeral home will also help you set a date and time for the funeral. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can notify friends and family. Give people as much notice as possible so they have time to make the arrangements needed to attend. 

Prepare an Obituary

If desired, you can prepare an obituary for the newspaper. A newspaper obituary can be a lovely final way to honor your loved one by listing their family members, religious affiliation, and accomplishments. The obituary can also include funeral arrangement details for people who may want to come to pay their respects.

Take Time for Yourself

When dealing with an unexpected tragedy, it can take a while for reality to hit. As you make all the arrangements, you may feel you have to be strong, making you feel even more overwhelmed. Take some time for yourself to process the situation. Grief may hit you at seemingly random times, so take a moment for yourself if you need to. Lean on your family members when needed, and don't be afraid to tell them how you feel.

Knowing what to do amid a tragedy can be difficult. A checklist can make the experience more manageable and helps ensure you remember everything. Don't hesitate to reach out for help if you need it, whether for emotional support or with some of the decisions. Don't put too much pressure on yourself; remember that the most important thing is honoring your loved one.

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