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Issues With CommunicationWhen it comes to building strong relationships, one of the most important resources at your disposal is communication. Unfortunately, not everyone excels in this department. Most people need to put in a bit of effort to effectively communicate with another person. While this may not be a big deal in some settings, struggling to connect with your partner due to communication troubles can lead to more difficult challenges. Take a look at these tips on how to make a few adjustments to your habits and see what changes are possible.  

Focus on Yourself First

Effective communication begins with you. This may sound like a slogan slung around during a self-help video, but it is the truth of the matter. Before you attempt to speak with your partner about negative feelings you have, for example, you first need to take a step back and assess why you are experiencing these emotions in the first place. Not knowing why you’re having a negative emotional response and attempting to approach your partner about the matter can easily lead to an argument. 

Whenever you find yourself struggling with your significant other, ruminate on the “why” of the matter. Though you may not find the exact answer you seek immediately, coming to the table prepared can make a world of difference in the outcome of the interaction.

Pay Attention to the Timing

Another key element of effective communication is timing. There is a time and a place for every conversation. However, there are also plenty of inappropriate times for certain discussions. This means that you need to think about the “when” if you want to have a successful interaction with your partner about a certain issue or topic. If your significant other comes home from a long day at work and seems exhausted, this probably isn’t the best time to bombard him or her with a million criticisms. 

Waiting for the right time doesn’t mean putting a conversation or interaction off forever. If you can’t have a discussion when you’d prefer, then push it slightly down the list until it seems like your partner is in a better or more agreeable disposition. 

Review Boundaries Together

Over recent years, the topic of “boundaries” has come up a lot when it comes to relationships. While you may want to share every aspect of your life with your partner, setting boundaries in certain respects can help to keep your connection strong. For example, your partner might have a strict need for a set number of hours of sleep each night. If you fail to honor this and make it difficult for him or her to get to bed, then you’re crossing a boundary, and this can lead to tension. 

Discussing your boundaries together is the best way to uncover exactly what your partner expects from you and, in turn, what you wish from your partner. Even married couples who have been together for decades require boundaries to keep their relationships strong, so push aside any awkward feelings you may have about telling your significant other you need space. 

Have Little Conversations

Communication is simple when you practice it at all times and in varying degrees. If you keep in touch with your partner throughout the day via texts, phone calls, and other small methods, you may feel much more comfortable approaching more complicated topics down the line. Plus conversations of all sizes are what cement your relationship so that it can weather whatever future storms await.

While not all people are born as amazing communicators, improving is easy with a bit of time. Think about what areas you and your partner could benefit from adjusting, and create a plan of action to strengthen your relationship.

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