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Wedding Gift Wrapped in Cream and SilverGetting invited to a wedding is exciting, but it comes with a slight responsibility. Though there is no hard-and-fast rule stating that you must bring a gift to the event, custom dictates that you really should. Plenty of people put a lot of thought into the presents they grab for a couple’s big day, but there are countless reasons why you may not have the luxury of time on your side. Whether you were invited late in the process or you just don’t plan ahead the way you’d like to, you may be hunting for last-minute gifts.

Though it can feel frustrating to be rushed, there are many ways to make your present feel like a lot of time and thought was put behind it. Consider these tips and make your life much easier.

Go With the Registry

The most obvious way to get started is by looking over the registry the couple has created. These are the gifts that they want in some capacity, meaning you can’t go wrong by selecting an item from there. Unfortunately, coming into the game late means that all of the best and most affordable gifts have likely already been snagged. If all that remains are some high-ticket items or random pieces that feel lackluster, then you can feel free to ditch the registry and move to another option.

Think About the Couple’s Interests 

If you know the couple well, then you probably know what their interests are. When you’re short on time, one easy way to grab a great gift is by centering it around what the couple enjoys. If you know that they enjoy going out for bike rides on the weekends, consider picking up some quality gear or equipment that can enhance the next excursion. Obviously, you want to know a bit about the hobby before you purchase a present. Conduct appropriate research and ask people who are in the know about such activities to find gifts that will wow.

Learn About Current Trends

When you don’t buy a lot of gifts in a given year, you may not have the slightest clue about what is deemed a “good” buy anymore. A wedding is not a housewarming, meaning you can’t just bring a bottle of wine or some small token of affection and call it a day. To take your present a step or two beyond the basics, use the internet as a resource. There are countless blogs and wedding outlets that offer lists of the season’s hottest gift options. When you’re short on ideas, a curated selection of trends can expedite the endeavor.

Ask Around

If you’ve been invited to a wedding by a couple you don’t know too well, then you might be at a total loss as to what kind of present to buy. When you’re drawing a blank, your best bet is to ask around. Chat with friends or associates you have in common and try to gain some perspective on what the couple would appreciate most. Being straightforward is the best way to create a clear strategy for buying a fitting option.

Take Your Time

You also may be relieved to learn that you don’t need to bring a gift on the day of the actual wedding. Though it feels weird to show up empty-handed, the actual custom for gifts gives guests the span of a year to send a present before it is considered rude. You shouldn’t feel like you must rush and grab anything when you have room to find something fitting. When all is said and done, a simple cash gift can actually be the best way to get the job done without dragging out the process. 

When hunting for a last-minute gift, there’s no need to crack under the pressure. Take a breath, consider your options, and find a present that is worthy of the happy couple.

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