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Baptismal in a Historic Christian ChurchWhether you have been religious for your entire life or you have recently found God, getting baptized is an important part of your commitment to your faith. However, if you aren't already accustomed to the practice, you may be feeling confused about where to begin. You can choose one of the several methods to get baptized.

Are You Baptizing a Baby?

Although some people do a full immersion baptism for their babies, most parents choose to have a christening ceremony instead, which involves just a small "sprinkle" of water on the baby's forehead. If you are having a baby soon or just had one and want to baptize him or her, begin by talking to the head of the church you wish to hold the ceremony at.

  • Pastor
  • Priest
  • Bishop
  • Preacher
  • Deacon

If a priest runs your church, he may perform the baptism himself or he may choose to delegate it to a deacon who has the vested authority to perform the ceremony.

You will also need to choose your baby's godparents. Many families choose siblings or cousins as the godparents, but it is also acceptable to choose very close family friends. One thing you may want to consider is who you would want your child to live with should you and your spouse pass away while they are still a minor. Most times, you will choose the godparents based on this.

Now it's time to plan the ceremony. First, decide whether you want a large, elegant event or something smaller and more casual. From there, you can set the date and invite friends and family based on the size of the event. Many families choose to hold a reception after, so be sure to consider this as you make plans.

On the day of the baptism or christening, simply show up with your son or daughter. Your priest or officiant will perform the ceremony and bless you and your child. From there, you can proceed to the reception or everyone will head home.

Is an Older Child or Adult Being Baptized?

Preparing for an older child or adult to be baptized is much like preparing for a baby's baptism or christening. As before, you will talk to the head of your church, set a date and plan the ceremony. On the day of the baptism, you or the person being baptized will be completely immersed in water by kneeling, sitting or lying in it. This may vary depending on your religion. Finally, the person baptizing you will bless you. From there, you can relax and visit with family and friends at the reception.

When it comes to a reception, you may want to hold a casual one at your home or even in the church's event or meeting room. If you are having a more elegant ceremony, you may consider a nice restaurant that offers private dining. Remember to factor in the size of the ceremony and reception space when creating your guest list.

Mentally Preparing for Your Baptism

The first step to being mentally prepared to become a Christian is to confess your sins. You can do this by speaking to your priest or minister. Next, you must repent your sins. Your minister can help you do this by helping you think about what it means to accept Jesus Christ into your life. Many times, mentally preparing yourself for baptism includes reading your favorite passages from the bible and praying. Many people believe you will know when your heart, mind and soul are ready for baptism.

Many people who are baptized say they feel closer to God, their religion and their church. Of course, the only person who truly knows if you're ready for such a commitment is you, but your family, friends and respected members of your church are good people to talk to for advice as you begin your journey to becoming a Christian.

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