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Assortment of SunglassesAfter tying the knot, plenty of couples set their sights on the honeymoon. This trip is your chance to break away from your routine and experience a first excursion as a married unit. Of course, you also want to put some thought into what you pack. If a bright and sunny destination is on your horizon, you’ll want to invest in a quality pair of sunglasses for the trip. Use these tips to discover shades that will shield your eyes and maximize your comfort.

Do Sunglasses Matter?

Some people look at sunglasses as a simple fashion accessory. While eyewear can easily bring an outfit together, the purpose goes far beyond appearances. Studies conducted over the last few decades have revealed that prolonged exposure to both direct and indirect sunlight can lead to lasting damage to the skin and eyes. By wearing a quality pair of shades, you’re taking your health and protection into your own hands. 

Durability Is Key

When selecting shades, be sure to pay attention to a handful of factors. One of the most important attributes to look for is durability. Whether your plan is to hang on the beaches of Key West or go ziplining through the dense greenery of Costa Rica, there are all kinds of potential accidents that can occur. Even something innocent like a volleyball can make sudden contact with your face if it ricochets out of control. Sunglasses that are made from durable materials will not break or shatter from these sudden impacts. 

Look for UV Protection

One misconception many consumers make about sunglasses is that every design blocks sunlight in the same way. This could not be farther from the truth. Cheap options purchased from gas stations or novelty shops are usually not going to offer you any protection from UV rays. When selecting sunglasses, quality brands often note the percentage of UV light blocked by the lenses somewhere on either the packaging or on the arms of the glasses. Experts advise looking for shades that block between 75-100% of UV-A and UV-B rays.

Consider Your Activities

Some activities can be a bit more demanding than others. If your honeymoon comes with an itinerary, then you should review this list before picking sunglasses. For example, part of your trip could involve going on a long boat tour. Glasses with polarized lenses are ideal for this setting, as this treatment reduces the amount of glare caused when light bounces off reflective surfaces like water. This can make your trip more enjoyable and help you avoid irritations like headaches caused from eyestrain. 

Play With Style

Though it is true that sunglasses are about a lot more than style, this is still a big factor when it comes to making your final decision. If you don’t like the way yours look, you may be less likely to wear them when you should. Avoid this by purchasing shades that provide you with ample protection while also enhancing your sense of style. Whether you opt for a classic design or you play around with something more modern and trendy, there are countless options out there to peruse. 

Take Proper Care

Once you’ve found eyewear you adore, you need to familiarize yourself with how to take care of it. Invest in a case and cleaning cloth, as these accessories are absolutely essential to maintaining your shades. The more work you put into caring for your glasses from the moment you make the purchase, the less likely it will be that you will need to replace them anytime in the near future.

While you might want to rush right from the reception to the honeymoon, it is best to put some thought behind what you’re packing for the trip. If the sun shines strong where you’re headed, conduct a little research to grab shades that meet the demands of your vacation. 

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