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It doesn't take long to use the Get Ordained services online through the Universal Life Church Monastery. Ordinary laypeople, or non-ordained persons, can become full-fledged ministers with all the legal privileges of those who have studied in theological colleges simply by submitting their personal information on the ULC's site. While traditional ministers must undergo formal religious training that can take years and cost tens of thousands of dollars, men and women from around the world can get ordained online, for free, in a matter of minutes.

The Get Ordained Three Step Guide

Minister performs wedding for young couple, courtesy of Tony Alter

  • It is possible to become a minister online, legally and for free, in only a matter of minutes!*

You can visit Get Ordained online and gain the legal ability to perform wedding ceremonies in about the length of time it takes to microwave a bag of popcorn or wash a couple of dishes by following the steps listed below:

First, click on the "Begin your FREE Ordination" button in the upper right hand corner of every page on, or by clicking here.

Next, click on the green "Continue Your Ordination" link found on the bottom of the "Begin Your Free Ordination" page. You will be taken to the ULC Monastery's flagship site, where everyone who wants to become a minister online through us must go in order to do so.

Once you are taken to , you will need to click on the large blue button found halfway down the page to proceed to the online ordination form. Once this form's page has loaded, simply fill in your full legal name, e-mail address, mailing address, and desired password and click on the blue "Submit Ordination Request" button. You will officially be a minister as soon as you have clicked this button and are taken to a new page that welcomes you to the Universal Life Church.

This three-step process will only take you a couple minutes to complete, yet the ordination it will give you will last for the rest of your lifetime; there are no renewals required. Furthermore, the online ordination process is completely free; you will not need to enter any credit/debit card information during any of the above steps.

We Are Not The Only Online Church That Helps People Become Ordained Ministers

The Universal Life Church Monastery is not the only online ministry in the world that allows a person to become a minister online through its website, but it is certainly one of the fastest options available. Other branches of the Universal Life Church require its members to wait up to a week before their ordination request is processed or undergo a lengthy series of online seminary courses, unlike the instantaneous ordination offered by the ULC Monastery. There is even a branch of the ULC that forces its ministers to demonstrate that they are Christians before they can even start the ordination process, instead of allowing anyone of any creed or faith to enjoy the benefits offered by online ordinations like we do.

So, if you want to be a minister yet don't want to spend years and thousands of dollars getting a formal religious education, please consider visiting Get Ordained through the Universal Life Church. Our ministers can be found throughout the world, and have performed many forms of ministerial work that have touched the lives of countless people. In short, it doesn't take long to become a minister to marry people or perform other religious and/or secular ceremonies.

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