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Couple's Last DanceMusic tends to play a big part in most weddings. Whether you are walking down the aisle or getting down with your friends during the reception, you need the right tunes to underscore the events of the day. Each song you select for your special day will have an impact on the overall feel of the event. This means you want to put in a bit of time figuring out what music really captures the essence of you and your partner.

Though all the selections will be important, there is one that stands out above the rest. The last song of the night will leave your guests with a lingering impression of your wedding. The wrong song to close out the event can easily create the wrong mood. Avoid this by thinking over a couple popular choices for how to end your reception on the best possible note.

Fun and Festive

By the time the end of your reception rolls around, a lot is going to have transpired. Above all else, a lot of dancing will have taken place. This means you want to go out on a high note. This could be difficult if you have had a pretty raucous night already. People go to a wedding to dance and you definitely do not want to disappoint. Before your big day arrives, speak to your DJ or live band about what options might be the most appealing.

Since a lot of big dance songs are likely to have been played already, you want to select a final tune that will surpass everything played before. A song like “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen has the energy and excitement to get everyone on the dance floor without feeling like a “bump and grind” or “jump around and shout” kind of moment. The crowd will go wild and get silly in whatever way they please, ending the evening in a positive and endearing way.

Slow and Steady

Though it seems like most weddings end with big dance numbers, this does not always have to be the case. In fact, you might want to slow things down a bit for the final moments of your reception. Grab the hand of your new spouse and make your way to the floor for one final dance to begin your lives together. For this type of moment, you might want to find a special song that really helps to capture your relationship.

By this point in the night, you’ve probably already danced together a great deal. This means you need to make the last song count. You also want to be mindful of your guests. A rowdy crowd is not going to want to slow things down for another slow dance. When you have more singles than couples at your wedding and want to keep the energy up for whatever after-events you have planned, it is best to steer clear of a slow dance to close things out.

Big Hits

Though not always encouraged, you also might want to play a big wedding hit at the end of the night. Classic examples include “Shout” by the Isley Brothers, “Last Dance” by Donna Gaines, and “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. These songs can be both fun and emotional, bringing people together to close out the night with singing and a bit of dancing. The main reason some people do not always love finishing with these songs is because they don’t want to seem cliche. Since it's your night, pick whatever tune you prefer.

While music might be an important aspect of your wedding, it is not a reason to stress. Find music that helps to elevate your event without taking away from the excitement and you are sure to discover the perfect way to close out the evening.

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