Concert TicketsCelebrating one year of marriage is a big deal. Couples tend to go through an array of trials and tribulations during that first stretch together. To commemorate the milestone, you likely want to grab an appropriate gift for your spouse. The first anniversary is also called the “paper anniversary” because the relationship is like a fresh piece of parchment without many permanent markings. Conversely, paper is a delicate material that illustrates the fragility of new marriages. If you want to go the traditional route, there are several clever ways to incorporate paper into your anniversary gift.

A Journal or Diary

Every relationship tells a story. A great way to remember the tale of your love is by gifting your significant other a journal or diary. Not only does this idea incorporate the paper theme in a practical way, but the empty pages of the journal also highlight how many adventures await you in the future. Journaling is known to be an excellent way to relieve stress, create focus, and boost basic cognitive abilities, so your gift is also a touching way to improve the quality of your partner’s life. 

Paper Flowers

From Valentine’s Day to birthdays, flowers tend to be a go-to gift for many couples. While there’s nothing wrong with this classic option, putting in some effort can make this anniversary seem more than just another holiday. Folding origami flowers and creating a paper bouquet is a unique alternative to traditional floral arrangements. Tissue paper comes in a variety of colors and is very easy to work with. Plus, it perfectly encapsulates the symbolism of the paper anniversary. Origami can be difficult to master, so be sure to give yourself time to learn the craft before you begin.

Commission Local Art

The idea of commissioning an artist to create a painting for your spouse might seem like an expensive endeavor, but it is actually an incredibly affordable option. Local artists usually work at a fair rate and can help you come up with a gift that is unique. The canvas itself covers the paper requirements for your gift, and the painting can be whatever you think your partner will love best. Whether it's a portrait of your pet, a landscape of your home, or a silly drawing of you both riding skateboards, this is a fun idea to play with.

Wedding Vows

Your wedding was only a year ago, but it might feel like a lifetime. Few couples fully remember their weddings because of how overwhelming the experience tends to be. For your first anniversary, consider printing and framing your wedding vows. This is a gentle way to remember the words you spoke to one another on your big day and create a touching piece of decor to hang in your home. If you really want to personalize the present, write the vows in your own handwriting.

Repurposed Accessories 

Are you an eco-conscious couple? If so, you might want your anniversary gifts to be sustainable and not contribute to the world’s environmental problems. There are some fantastic ways to achieve this. Up-cycled jewelry and accessories made from repurposed paper products like magazines are a great option to explore. From bracelets to earrings, there are several online retailers that specialize in the creation of unique pieces of jewelry made entirely from recycled materials. Find a great paper anniversary gift and help the planet all in one swoop.

Tickets to a Show

Grabbing tickets to see a performance is another simple and effective way to tackle the paper anniversary. The tickets will act as the paper element, and you can make the gift as personal as you’d like by selecting an event your partner will love. Scope out local venues to learn about what bands or plays are coming to your area.

Finding the right anniversary gift for your spouse requires a little creativity. Think about unusual ways to incorporate paper and you’re sure to discover a great idea.

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