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Group of Bridesmaids and BrideThere has long been a rivalry between bridesmaids and the dresses they’re required to wear. While the stereotype doesn’t hold true for all weddings, a large chunk of people who have filled this role have a lot to say about their attire. The challenge many brides face is finding a dress that will work well for each member of the party, complement the colors of the event, and fit within everyone’s budget. Pleasing everyone with your decision can definitely be difficult, but there are many ways to make things go as amicably as possible. 

Rip the Bandage Off

The first and most important decision is who will pay for the dresses. The modern tradition pushes the expense onto the bridesmaids themselves. Couples tend to do this as a way of unburdening themselves of some of the costs they encounter while planning. Still, it can be a lot to ask of your friends. If you know certain people are living on a tighter budget, you should factor this into your decision. The last thing you want is for your bridesmaids to resent you for forcing them to empty their wallets for dresses they will wear once.

Decide Your Approach

Once it was quite common for all bridesmaids to wear the exact same dress, from color to style. While many brides still follow this tradition, modern couples are a bit more flexible with the decision. Instead of making a hard-and-fast requirement on what dress to buy, you can offer general guidelines to the group. If everyone is wearing the same color with variations in dress designs, it will have the same impact without making intense demands of your friends. Since color shades vary in minute ways, have the options run by you in advance and ensure all dresses work together. 

Consider Shape

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Embracing the diversity of the body types in your wedding party is a perfect way to find the most fitting dresses. If you’ve been exploring a style that might not work well on some bodies, for example, consider other options. While it is common for many people involved in a wedding to diet or commit to extra exercise to look their best on the big day, be realistic in what you are asking of those close to you.

Think About the Aesthetic

The flow of planning a wedding usually follows a natural course. However, you may get so excited about one aspect that you jump the gun and forget to take other factors to heart. If you have a style of bridesmaid dress in mind before you decide the general aesthetic, you could realize later that the two clash in significant ways. To feel most confident in your final choice, don’t set anything in stone until you have figured out the broader scope of the style and theme of your wedding.

Have Fun With the Extras

The dress itself is only a small part of the bridesmaid look. Whether you have the party all wear the same dress or give them room to pick their own designs, you should definitely allow the group the freedom of picking their own shoes and accessories. At a wedding, you want to wear shoes that allow for dancing and standing for long periods. Giving the bridesmaids the freedom to wear comfortable and stylish shoes will go a long way to keep moods agreeable. Plus, accessorizing provides the opportunity to put a personal spin on a standardized look. 

Though it is difficult to please a crowd, this shouldn’t stop you from trying with your bridesmaids. Considering how your final decision will make the rest of the group feel can go a long way to delivering results that give everyone a sense of satisfaction.

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