Tattooed RingsThere are a lot of rings involved with a wedding. While the traditional wedding band is meant to symbolize the infinite, circular nature of love, an engagement ring is more a symbol of the coming nuptials. Though a placeholder, this piece of jewelry is somehow just as expensive and decadent as the actual rings the couple selects for married life. If you and your partner aren’t feeling the traditional engagement ring approach, there are a number of alternatives worth your time. Consider these ideas and see what might work for your relationship. 

Forget the Ring Entirely

You don’t need a ring to prove you’re engaged. While it can be a lovely and symbolic gesture, it is far from a required part of the process. As long as both of you agree to the arrangement and plan on tying the knot down the line, nothing else really matters. If you’re feeling stuck on what type of ring to get or how much to spend, it might be worth discussing the idea of ditching the engagement rings. Instead, use the money you would have invested on the bands toward the wedding itself or something you both find appealing.

Ditch Diamonds

One reason traditional engagement rings are so expensive is that they tend to feature diamonds. Though it seems like a timeless staple, diamonds were first featured in a noteworthy way in 1477. It is said that Archduke Maximilian of Austria selected diamonds for the ring he used to propose to Mary of Burgundy. The stone grew in popularity and now is the go-to option for most couples looking to get engaged. One way to save money on your rings is by opting for gems that are a bit less costly.

There are a few alternatives that have grown in popularity over the last few years. Amber, for example, is much more affordable than a diamond and can give a unique appeal to the ring. You might also want to opt for your personal birthstones. This is a way of feeling more connected to the gem you select, rather than picking a diamond because it is the expected choice. Speak with a local jeweler to get a better idea of what gemstone options you have to work with.

Go For Permanence 

Entering a marriage is a serious commitment. It involves fully sharing your life with another person for the rest of your days. For some couples, this permanence is important to remember from the moment the engagement is announced. Engagement tattoos have become a very popular choice for certain couples who are looking to break away from the usual approach. You can go about selecting whatever design you like, from a basic black band to something more ornate or colorful. Working with an artist you appreciate can be a wonderful way to get a finished product you adore.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind. Should anything go awry with your relationship, getting rid of the tattoo might be a serious struggle. You also might not feel the same way you do about tattoos in a few years, and you may not realize how difficult it can be to hide a tattoo on your finger. However, as long as you both think the decision and its repercussions through, this may the alternative that makes sense for your engagement.

There’s Other Jewelry out There

Rings aren’t the only piece of jewelry that can symbolize an engagement. Necklaces, bracelets, and watches can all act as excellent alternatives. Don’t limit yourself to one specific type of jewelry. Explore the full spectrum and it might help you find a more appropriate fit.

Whether you opt for a necklace, tattoo, or traditional diamond ring for your engagement, you want to pick what makes sense for you. Look over the options and discover a fit that captures your love.

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