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Groom and Bride Among CoinsA wedding is an expensive affair. When you’re throwing a party of this size and importance, it is easy to feel intimidated by the budget. It can seem like changing even one aspect of your spending can cause the entire plan to collapse. In truth, this is not the case. You need to learn to make cuts to some expenses in order to save money for other services and the future you’re building with your partner. Consider these tips and figure out some sensible ways to save.

The Cake Can Be Simple

Weddings can seem so extravagant these days. Whether you’ve been to endless destination events or you’ve seen countless videos of couples doing choreographed dances as they enter the venue for the reception, it seems that nuptials have grown more involved in recent years. Luckily, being simple with your approach to certain elements can make a huge difference with your budget. One of the most expensive features of your big day will be your cake. Opt for a simple design and you can save a good chunk of change. 

Local Flowers Are More Affordable

Floral arrangements also eat away at the budget fast. While you might have a very specific vision of how you’d like your wedding flowers to look, sacrificing this perfect image for a more affordable alternative can be a good move. In most cases, selecting local and in-season flowers is a great way to save. Flowers that are available in an abundance in a particular area can be purchased for far less than blossoms that need to be imported or are hard to come by. Plus, you have the chance to support businesses and agricultural groups in your own community.

Invitations Can Be DIY

Nowadays, you can become an expert graphic designer without much experience. There are dozens of apps and programs available to help you create amazing images from the comfort of your phone. Instead of paying a small fortune for invitations, consider designing and printing them on your own. It definitely is a more involved decision that requires time and effort, but it can help you save a considerable amount of money. When you want to shave a few dollars off the budget, this is a practical cut to make.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Used

A popular misconception people have about weddings is that everything needs to be purchased new. While you might want a few new pieces, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting things used. Thrift stores and secondhand shops are ideal for discovering unique pieces of decor that can add personality to your big day. Get comfortable with buying items in this way and you will be able to do a lot more with the money you’ve allocated for decorating your space.

Everyone You Know Doesn’t Need an Invitation

Finally, the guest list is always a good place to focus your attention when you need to make cuts. The more people you have at your wedding, the more money it is going to cost you. From paying per plate with caterers to figuring out how much available space you have at the venue, guests are expensive. If there are people on your list you haven’t seen in years or you no longer have a deep connection with, it’s fine to remove them. This is your day, and you can be selective with who you share it with.

Though weddings are notoriously expensive events, there are a ton of practical steps you can take to control your spending. Being mindful of your budget is crucial if you want to have some money left after the bells are done ringing. Think about where you are wasting your funds and it can help you gain a better idea of how to adjust your habits and hold onto your cash.

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