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Bride and Groom at a Casual Backyard WeddingThe decision on how to get married looks different for everyone. This means your wedding does not need to follow any patterns or include any rituals you don’t want. Of course, the desire to have a non-traditional wedding is not always enough to provide you with guidance on what to do instead. There are a ton of fantastic alternatives that you may not have even considered. No matter what your sensibilities might be, these ideas are sure to inspire you to figure out what will work best for your big day.

A Surprise Wedding

You’ve likely seen plenty of videos of surprise proposals. Whether simple or lavish, these moments are special because some people really enjoy being surprised. If you and your significant other are all about this mentality, then you may want to incorporate a bit of mystery into your wedding day. Instead of informing guests that they are being invited to your big day, it can be more exciting to keep everyone in the dark about the key detail of the event.

A meme has been circulating over the last few years of a couple from the 80s who invited all their friends and family to a huge costume party. The hosts showed up dressed as a bride and groom and announced to everyone present that the party was actually their wedding. This is a lovely and silly way to surprise those you care about and get some irreplaceable pictures of those you love dressed in bizarre costumes. While you don’t have to go with a costume party for your own event, it is worth a thought!

A Backyard Affair

Weddings are often depicted as huge indoor affairs with lots of people and endless extravagance. While most people know that this is an unattainable standard, a few opt to swing in a different direction altogether. Instead of renting a venue and forcing everyone you know to haul themselves to a location that was selected because you need some type of venue, keep the affair local. A backyard wedding is a wonderfully intimate way to bring together the people you care about most for this milestone. 

Naturally, you'll require a backyard with ample space to make this possible. If your home is not a possibility, start speaking with family members and close friends about options. You may have a general idea of which people in your social circle have property that can fit a small crowd. Don’t count on someone saying yes until you’ve asked them, however. Some people might not love the idea of hosting a wedding at home. If you do go this route, be sure to offer the host compensation or provide a gift as thanks.

A Different Kind of Event

The central focus of most weddings is, well, the wedding. Still, this doesn’t need to be the case. Some couples hate attention and don’t want to throw a party that’s all about them. If you want to tie the knot in an unusual way, consider having your wedding connected to another event. A quick ceremony followed by a group outing to a major sporting or music event can be an amazing way to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time. As long as you remember to have someone officiate and all proper paperwork is signed, the rest is up to you.

An Elopement

Finally, you can always elope. You don’t need to get married in front of anyone if it isn’t your desire. Plenty of people find a quick trip to the courthouse with some witnesses is the right fit for their needs. Plus, eloping can be totally romantic when framed in the right light. 

However you get married, it is important your event reflects the desires you and your partner have. Think about alternatives to the traditional, and craft an event that is as unique as the love you share.

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